Best 10 Heroin Rehab Centers in USA


Heroin Rehab Centers: Heroin is known the most effective and harmful drug for human body. Multiple people have gotten the addiction of heroin by which they destroys the life of themselves and family, they cannot control it without external help. Thus you should take help and for that you need not to go Heroin rehab centers, we have selected a list about heroin rehab center for your help which will provide you a lot of information about cost, facilities, staff, environment of heroin rehab center throughout the USA. With the help of these heroin rehab centers you can save your life and can come back on track with sobriety.

Palm Partners Heroin Rehab Centers

Palm Partners Recovery Heroin Rehab Centers is situated at Delray Beach in Florida, is known most successful and takes first position in heroin rehab centers. They fulfill your individual needs with the help of experts and therapies. It work on evidence based therapy and treat the person including mind, soul and more.

Treatment and Staff of Rehab Center

Their staff starts your treatment with detoxification program which work successfully for an addict with the help of trained counselors and in this program they include medication, massage, and acupuncture.

At Palm Partners 12 step programs are available, it includes communal dance, motivational speech and they encourage individual’s freedom, this program gives relapse prevention education and psychotherapy for all patients. It will be provided thrice in a week by high level therapists and counselors.

Some people cannot take recovery because of their employment or study and lives in their house at night thus it has brought outpatient program for removing the problem of heroin addiction. This option will provide continue care without any extra charges.

Accommodation and Food

This heroin rehab center provides inpatient program in which you can choose two bedrooms and can share it with two patients but you are responsible for scrubbing and food. If you cannot bake your food, heroin rehab center will charge $75 per week.

At the heroin rehab center you can use cell phone for one hour at the end of the day and can watch TV at night time. The Palm heroin rehab center has not structure activity but they provide yoga classes, massage, meditation, therapies, swimming, gym and so on.


The palm partners heroin rehab center offers beautiful place in luxurious environment which is missed always by patients.

Cost of recovery

  • $19,500.00 per month
  • Insurance is not accepted

Call on 561-278-5800 at any time.

Orchid Recovery Heroin Rehab Center

Orchid Recovery Heroin Rehab Center is situated at Palm Springs. This heroin rehab center especially works for women who have suffered from heroin addiction and undistinguished trauma. This heroin rehab center heals women body, mind and soul by holistic treatment. Their main purpose is to provide an addiction free and healthy life to women. They use diverse recovery program for giving long lasted sobriety.

Treatment and Staff

Firstly, they choose patients according their addictions and behave and then began the recovery within 48 hours. They work on patient from 30 to 90 days with personalized and group therapy. If you choose residential recovery, staff addresses the main cause of addiction and guides them about challenges which she faces during the treatment. With the help of Co-Occurring mental disorders they will remove depression and botheration. Detoxification program is available for women help in removing toxic from their body. Their main focus on healing trauma and also use yoga, acupuncture. In addition, 12 step programs are used on site during the treatment. They allow only licensed and experienced staff including therapist, counselors and nurses.

Accommodation and Facilities

This heroin rehab center is located three miles from the beach and is an aesthetic place. This heroin rehab center provides all facilities including living area, delicious food, art therapy, yoga and massage for women.


There administrative staffs are available for patients help in finding fund. They accept all healthcare loans. If you want any information about any program, you can contact on 888-672-4435.

(Its overall rating is 4.2 stars)

Betty Ford Heroin Rehab Center

This heroin rehab center has been providing addiction free life at Rancho Mirage since 1982. It offers the facilities of spectacular environment throughout the nation. This heroin rehab center is overwhelming famous for removing the addiction of heroin and working as non-profit center. You will get support here by individual care. They treat especially adult and professionals who are suffering from chronic disorders. There are 16 heroin rehab centers under Betty Ford Heroin Rehab Center.

Treatment and Staff

This heroin rehab center uses always innovative program in recovery like DBT, CBT, supportive interview and aftercare. They provide medical detoxify program for adult who suffered from heroin addiction. It use evidence based therapy with skilled counselors. 12 step programs and co-occurring disorders will help you in treating of mind, body and soul. In addition, they offer three days family program in which your family members and relative takes part and gets the education about heroin addiction. They offer inpatient and outpatient program, under inpatient program they provide 45 days pain management course only for adults.


At Rancho Mirage, this heroin rehab center achieves 4.5 stars out of 5 in amenities. They provide gender specific building including the facilities of swimming, gym, fitness program, well furnished rooms, art therapy, musical therapy, meditation, massage, all food and fruits according patients choice.


Their staff will guide you prior to admittance about financing and they accept all health insurance. Their experts will help you on 800-434-7365

Sierra Tucson Heroin Rehab Center

Sierra Tucson heroin rehab center is spread in 160 acre at Arizona. People come here from all directions of the nation, get rid of heroin addiction. They treat not only your heroin addiction but also heal your body, mind and soul. They provide chronic disorders program in which they heal all diseases, depression and anxiety. After treatment you can get help and no fear of relapse.


  • Detoxification
  • Four days family program
  • 12 step programs
  • 90 days therapy
  • Relapse prevention
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Adventure therapy

Treatment and Staff

Their staff is aware about the recovery of heroin addiction thus they use all programs which have been given above in treatment of addict with the help of experienced, skilled and licensed therapists.

Accommodation and Amenities

Sierra Tucson Heroin Rehab Center is located in the lap of nature, it surrounded by forests, valley and waterfalls. They do not use gender specific program, one side they allow two patients in a room which fills your all needs and on another side they provide fitness center, laundry, and life skill program and yoga classes.

This heroin rehab center attached with American Diabetes Association and supply healthy food. If you get eating disorders during recovery they will treat.


  • Cost of treatment is $47000.00 per month

Dial 800-842-4487 at any time

Behavioral Health Heroin Rehab Center

This heroin rehab center is a most effective and famous rehab center about heroin addiction treatment at Palm Beach in Florida. It has been working here since 1997. They provide 200 beds facility, including various therapies and programs. They use holistic program, individualized therapy, detoxification and more for removing the addiction of heroin and for encouraging you they provide meditation, massage, family program and more

Treatment and Staff

This heroin rehab center is available for men and women thus they take care of the patient with individualized therapy which is used for three days in week. They use 12 step programs in routine which help the patient in three stages. They include hypnotherapy, massage and acupuncture in Group therapy. This heroin rehab center is most liked for solid recovery which offers gender specific brother and sister program. Dual-diagnosis is available on site; with the help of this option staff treats diverse addictions like chemical dependency, sex addiction, gambling addiction and also depression, mental disorder, anger and anxiety problem. They use psychiatry treatment with psychiatrists and therapists.

Accommodation and amenities

This heroin rehab center looks like a five star hotel. Their several programs and locations are liked by patients because it locates in magnificent environment and provide clean resident which is little far from the beach. There is a good option about insurance.

At Behavioral Health Heroin Rehab Center, you will find well-furnished and designed building where you will get the facility of private and share room, special game for women, swimming pool and more.

But there you are responsible for buying and preparing food. If you have eating disorders they will provide a specialist for treating.


  • They charge $12000-20000 per month.
  • If you want extra therapy like Cranial Therapy, Chiropractic program, you have to pay extra fees.

If you have any doubt about center phone at 888-432-2467

Sundown M Ranch Heroin Rehab Center

Sundown M Ranch is a heroin rehab center situated at Yakima in Washington. It spread in 30 acre and built double story building in 1968. But it became famous in 2009 for the award which was gotten in private psychiatry recovery. They protect from substance abuse so that you may get back sobriety in life. This is an old and non-profit organization thus it has been working for 45 years and 1, 14,000 people have gotten the benefit of addiction free life throughout the nation.

Treatment and Staff

The staff of this heroin rehab center is always provide evidence-based therapy to adolescents, adults and old people and co-occurring mental health program will treat your anxiety, depression and other mental disorders. For pregnant women they use group therapy and a nurse is always with her for help. When you become an addict of high level they admit you in separate room and apply detoxification by which your body’s toxic is brought out. For giving a sober life to patient they use individualized program, group therapy, dual-diagnosis program in which they heal your body along with mind and Saul, 12 step program, three days family program, inpatient and outpatient program. In outpatient program they use structure recovery protocol which work on professionals, students with individualized program and continue care. They give the guaranty of relapse prevention service for future.


Building is look like a hotel which is locates in extra-large area and provide big gym, laundry, kitchen. Moreover jogging track, yoga, fitness program, table tennis, massage and some extra programs for adult and adolescent


This heroin rehab center provides the facility of insurance and charge according age group like $300 per day for adults and $350 per day for teenager. They accept the payment in cash.

It gets the overall rating 4.1 out of 5 stars. (Call on 509-457-0990)

The Caron Foundation

The Caron Foundation is a non-profit and private organization which is located in Princeton, Texas and Wernersville in Florida. This heroin rehab center welcomes you for removing the addiction of heroin and was opened before 60 years. The University of Pennsylvania is established the relationship with The Caron Foundation and give more effective and current recovery services like 12 step service, motivational program for patients and family, individualized care, addiction prevention program with evidence based theory. Their multidisciplinary team demonstrates the modern method before treatment. Thus, here you can get a healthy body with fresh mind and you can become a winner on addiction in a short period.

Therapies and method, for giving a sober life

  • Individual care
  • Supportive interview
  • Family program
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Evidenced-based therapy
  • Residential care program
  • Medical detoxification
  • Drug abuse education

With the help of these therapies they provide addiction free life in a great environment. Their multidisciplinary team provides a customized recovery program with modern theory. This heroin rehab center includes only experienced drug abuse counselors, therapists and certified psychologists. They work carefully during recovery and provide educational program, group therapy and family program for family members. They use holistic treatment for residents and give them gender specific services. With the help of dual diagnosis program you will get mind, body and soul’s recovery.


This heroin rehab center is locates in imposing and splendid location. You will feel like a college campus and all works are done under the supervision of staff that provides gymnasium, massage, all therapy, exercise facility, meditation and educational program.

Here you can get spacious private room with gender specific program. Classrooms are available for adolescent. It provides skating, volley ball, swimming and art program.

Food and fruits are available on site and no extra charges for food.


It is said that this heroin rehab center is very costly but when they provide insurance and some scholarship facility, it cover the cost of recovery.

Its average rating is 4.4 stars. (844-896-7031)

Hazelden Betty Ford Heroin Rehab Center

Hazelden Betty Ford Heroin Rehab Center is world famous heroin rehabilitation center located at Plymouth in Florida. It provides a comfortable area and specialized staff that will protect your life from heroin addiction. It begins the treatment with 12 step program. Their multidisciplinary team works on evidence based theory which assure of relapse prevention recovery. People come here throughout the nation and overcome on addiction of heroin comfortably.

Treatment and Staff

Their specialized staff chooses the patient according the addiction and finds the underlying cause of addiction separately. They provide inpatient program in which you will stay at residence and get safe recovery. Now this program includes mental health service which solves your mental issues. This option takes place between 2 to 25 weeks and gives all facilities individually.

They provide college bound track and teachers for those adults who cannot continue the academic education because of addiction thus adults can complete the education.

This heroin rehab center utilize modern method when apply substance abuse and co-occurring mental health service. With these methods they treat whole body as well as mind. Here if you want outpatient program, they assign same facility as inpatient program. Moreover, they assign 12 step services, meditation, group meeting and three days family program in which your family members get education.

Accommodation and Food

This heroin rehabilitation center provides living quarters for both men and women in gender specific units. The quarters are well designed and spacious. Your food is available in cafeteria style. Patients are free to go anywhere and in free time you can join fitness center. All indoor and outdoor games are available on site. You can spend your time in art class. Thus you will not miss your house when you will join the center.


  • $ 36,500 per month
  • All health insurance accepted

It gets 3.8 stars and for getting more details phone at 866-831-5700

Duffy’s Napa Valley Heroin Rehab Center

Duffy’s Napa Valley Heroin Rehab Center had been opened in 1967 at Napa Valley in California. Their whole focus on patient’s addiction and treatment. Heroin affects your body and mind so their individualized therapy will help to overcome on addiction. This organization recovers your addiction with the help of detoxification program, group counseling, eating disorders, and dual diagnosis program.

Therapies and programs which are used

  • Narcotic addiction recovery program
  • Dipsomania treatment program
  • Detoxification medical program
  • Inpatient and outpatient program
  • 12 step recovery program
  • Adult addiction recovery
  • Three days family program
  • Fitness program
  • Addiction education
  • Dual diagnosis program
  • Meditation therapy
  • Group therapy


This heroin rehab center not only takes care of your body but also heals your mind thus they provide gorgeous and splendid environment. Here you can choose private and share rooms which are fully decorated.

For your entertainment you can take part in games, art classes, music and dance classes. During the recovery they will teach life skill art and business management.

There all dishes are available according your taste and age.


  • Recovery cost is $ 35,000 per month
  • Health insurance is accepted

Your most welcome on 844-201-5157


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