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Christian drug rehab center is really helpful. In reality, quitting drugs require something more than good intentions or strong will. Most of them do not even know why they are addicted to drugs. However, many find the recovery easier through spiritual support.

Even though detoxification through faith tradition or through christian drug rehab center is not applicable to everyone, many people find it easier to recuperate through spiritual comfort. Faith-based programs show you how to reinforce your spiritual foundation with a goal to help you beat your addiction for alcohol or drugs.  For the spiritual-based program to be successful for a person who wants to achieve recovery, it is necessary to find an apt program that provides spiritual support according to the individual’s need and christian drug rehab center is the place where you will find right programs.

One of the major setbacks for detoxification through spiritual guidance is the fear inside the individual. The idea of withdrawal becomes so dreadful that the treatment becomes ineffective. Moreover, the unknown result of the treatment adds up to the worry. However, on the other side the people who have strong faith may find it easy by the idea of a faith-based program.

To some extent, faith-based programs of various traditions are established all across US. One of the ways to find a Christian drug rehab center is to talk to Christian leaders such as priests, ministers or the governing body of a church. One on one conversation with a minister is usually confidential, and therefore you need not worry at all.

With majority of Americans identifying themselves as Christians, a peripheral approach to find out different christian drug rehab centers in US is required. We have jotted down few of the christian drug rehab centers.

Inspire Malibu – California Christian Drug Rehab Center

Located in Southern California, Inspire Malibu is a treatment facility is guided and lead by Dr. Akikur Mohammad, M.D. This christian drug rehab center ensures success if the treatment is followed effectively.  The different treatment programs are created with combination of conventional and contemporary approaches, all- therapy based approaches to create a program that is different from other treatment programs.

Though the treatment programs are tailor-made for very client, some part of every program is similar. The patient is limited from any contact outside the treatment facility to only focus on recovery.

The treatment programs vary on the basis of the addiction level and treatment progress that are rarely less than 30 days and usually not more than 90 days, although sometimes it can reach up to 180 days. The facility along with treatment provides addiction education, food and shelter.

At this christian drug rehab center, therapy is not just focused on addiction. The treatment also includes different therapies and programs that keep the patients mentally, physically and socially healthy.

The staffs are clinically certified in both addiction medicine and psychiatry. The patient to staff ratio is purposefully low to ensure patients don’t harm themselves or face any difficulty during the treatment.


This christian drug rehab center allows access to various support groups both, faith- based and secular and it depends on the patient to choose that they are compatible with.

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Teen Challenge Christian Drug Rehab Center

Teen challenge is a faith based Christian drug rehab center that helps children, youth and adults providing extensive support to treat alcohol and drug addiction through faith-based programs. Situated in southern California, the programs focus on Christ and his teachings and the power of the Holy Spirit. This Christian drug rehab center provides help to empower the patients and introduce biblical readings in daily routines.

The programs tend to last 12-18 months as it gives the time to the patients to build a strong bond with God. The long recovery period and the connection to God make all the difference. The log duration is one of the reasons to help them relapse. It gives them time to heal and create a meaningful connection with God.

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Cottonwood de Tucson – Christian Drug Rehab Center

At Cottonwood de Tucson, the treatments involved help you in all ways- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Located in Arizona, this treatment Christian drug rehab center provides immense care ranging from family counselling, medical detox to addiction assessment and relapse prevention. A combination of traditional and holistic treatment is approached for the clients.

Situated in the foothills of the Sonoran Desert, this Christian drug rehab center believes spirituality includes development of one’s inner self with practices including prayer and meditation, search for enlightenment or God.   The treatments maintain an environment where anyone can feel safe and secure to explore their personal space and learn to practice spiritual practices that can bring a balance to their lives.

The staff at Cottonwood are have years of experience on treating behavioral health disorder. Many of their staff members have experienced the same pains and problems that the loved ones of any drug addict would face. Since they know how difficult it becomes, the personal success shows direct result in every patient.

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Transformations Treatment Christian Drug Rehab Center–Florida

The major focus of their Christian based program is to know Christ. At transformations, the environment is maintained in a spiritual manner to build a relationship with God. The patients are helped to believe that past can be forgiven and future can be heaven.

The staffs are unconditionally acceptable to anyone. They foster a secure feeling for the patients as many of them can relate to the patients story. The program is held in a Christian suite with a chapel for celebration and observation and is led by professionally trained committed Christians. Moreover, the patients can be baptised by a local pastor and attend weekly services. In this Christian drug rehab center, the alumni group helps to keep their clients sober throughout their lives.

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The Good Samaritan’s Inn Christian Drug Rehab Center

Along with Christian counselling, The Good Samaritan’s Inn provides shelter, recovery and relapse prevention. The Faith-based programs use the spirit-filled guidance and Word of God for people who suffer from drug or alcohol addiction to make them understand what it means to be devoted to God.

The spiritual program is different from other treatment programs as it focuses on restoration of family relationships that have been suffered due to addiction.  The program is usually for men 18 year or older and is for a duration of six months. The motto is to heal the mind, body and soul and to improve each person to reach to his full potential.


At The Good Samaritan’s Inn, every day is organized, and each understudy is under the constant direction of prepared Christian guides. Our main goal is to guide members through a procedure of recovery from addiction to drugs or alcohol. Unlike other programs, there is never any cost at all to the member, or his family. Recovery can be a challenge, however it has incredible outcomes. The individuals who encounter full recovery amid this program can come back to their families, jobs and friends with a re-established feeling of inward peace and confidence.

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A Place of Hope Christian drug rehab center

The spiritual renewal program of A Place of Hope is unique in its own way. Here, ordained clergy and spiritual counsellors are appointed to help rejuvenate and recover the faith based walk. This Christian drug rehab center is licensed for treatment of psychiatric issues, alcohol and drug addiction. Instead of retreat or passive time away, this Christian drug rehab center offers an active, productive time of managing burnout through individual reflection, physical and nutritional rebuilding and emotional renewal. Moreover, family members are involved.

This Christian drug rehab center offers 1-week, 2-week, 3-week, and 4-week Spiritual Renewal Treatment Programs. The faith based program available is the most discreet and completely spiritual based available. As mentioned, the facility works with pastors, minister, councils and elders on a regular basis. It has a unique “Pastors & Ministry” track for an intensive program for Week 1 and Week 2 as well as

Week 3 and Week 4. This Christian drug rehab center believes every individual has a different ordeal and such experiences are the result of the current situation. In order to provide the best treatment, the staff’s tries to understand you better and inform you about the treatment beforehand. This Christian drug rehab center promises an atmosphere of respect, trust and confidentiality from the time of arrival till the program ends.

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Caron Foundation Christian Drug Rehab Center

Located in Pennsylvania, Caron Foundation believes that spirituality is important to addiction recovery. The spiritual services at this Christian drug rehab center widely range from Sunday chapel to meditation and more. The spiritual care team will help you recover through faith based walks without considering whichever you faith (including agnostic and atheist spiritual stances) you follow.
In the 12-Step recovery program offered by the foundation, spirituality plays an integral part for recovery. From lectures, group and individual services to assisting patients and their loved ones to move forward in recovery, the staffs ensures an atmosphere of comfort and security.

Since, individuals come from different faith and backgrounds, the staff are trained to respect all religious beliefs which also include agnostic and atheist spiritual stances). This Christian drug rehab center offers denominational and non denominational spiritual paths where all religions are treated equally respectfully. The team maintains relationships with religious leaders of various faiths who often take part in treatment programming. This Christian drug rehab center also provides places of worship and accommodation to patients from different spirituality.

All of spiritual counsellors at Caron foundation have at least completed one unit of CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education), which helps in methods of recovery and contributes to patient assessment. Moreover, the facility offers support and guidance after treatment for an entire year.

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Contact: (800)-854-6023


Copac-MS Christian drug rehab center

Located in Mississippi, The three strands unlike a track is non-denominational faith centered program. The treatment includes Biblical strategies for everyday life by combining the latest clinical approaches with the biblical scriptures. You’ll take part in individual and group therapies, Christian care groups and worship at churches. The staff helps you to remake and rejuvenate your life. The patients are educated about the addiction and the treatment involved. This Christian drug rehab center teaches faith based techniques to cope with situations and people. It helps you to identify the best people to rely during the recovery.

The Ranch believes addiction is a family disease as it has an impact on everybody’s lives. From five days family program to regular family therapy, the team ensures that strained relationships are mended. Moreover, the program creates opportunities for self growth and learning. From individual and group therapies, the facility offers adventure based therapies to help you gain insight on behaviors that would affect you.

The staff at The Ranch is experienced to treat cases of drug and alcohol addiction. The treatments are personalized for Christians, professionals or pregnant women. The patients are under intensive care of experienced professionals and clinical team that is trained to treat issues of drug and alcohol addiction.

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Nobody wishes to become an addict. There are several sources that could help an individual find the Christian treatment focus that is ideal for them. However, what is important is to remember the level of treatment required in picking a program that addresses the problem of the individual. For instance, if  a person is as of now been through medical detox and is searching for a program to keep him solid through post-treatment recovery, a self help group or 12-Step program could give the required support. In any case, for the individuals who have not yet started the treatment procedure, a program that gives confirm based detox and treatment joined with Christian standards, and also post-treatment Christian bolster projects, would be a decent decision.

Through inquiring about these associations and finding the most proper treatment community for the level of need in amicability with their convictions, Christians who are battling with dependence on medications and liquor – and their families – may locate the profound direction, quality, and bolster expected to help them achieve long haul recuperation and resume lives of confidence and expectation.

According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, there are more than 14,500 rehab centers in the United States. So choosing the best rehab will become a difficult process. Although the decision for the suited Christian drug rehab center is mostly an urgent decision but also must be well thought as the life of the person involved is on line. Hence, before making the final decision, do not leave any stones unturned for research.


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