Best 10 Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers in California


Drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in California for your recovery, admit you and always ready for help. However, it is only depends on you that where are you going for recovery. So choose the right place, if you are living in the California, and searching for best rehab center that will help you in treatment of addiction, for your help we are giving some details of top 10 rehabs center in California. These rehab centers will help you to get lifelong sobriety and satisfaction, You can enjoy your life with your family again.

Nationwide Recovery Rehab Center

Nationwide Recovery Rehab Center rank on 1st in this list of best drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in California. This rehab center situated at Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park in Southern California and it is a private center. This drug rehab center works carefully and don’t shows your details, always maintain secrecy. Your treatment will be easy if your family gives the support and encourage you during the treatment. This exclusive rehab center works on patients possessively. This rehab center provides all facilities to patients. You can see it because they admit no more than 6 patients at a time and provide the treatment to patients in a unique way and handle them with vice recovery plan. Nationwide Recovery rehab center realized that patients who badly affected by alcohol and drugs addiction, it can be harmful for their memory. Consequently, this rehab center take care of their patients with full of loyalty. During the treatment they provide you many courses which are related to food, earnings, business and also related to family relations. They will not take any extra charges to you for courses. If you contact them related to any addiction, their worker will guide you time to time. This rehab center is safe, believable, and staff always takes care of patients. If you want any solution related to addiction, you can contact on – 1888-961-4558.

Some details of the rehab center which are given below:

  1. It provide you all facilities on various cost.
  2. Center has all professional staff who are famous and give best treatment.
  3. They treated the patients with latest techniques.
  4. For encouraging you, they provide many courses which are related to employment, family or friends relation and so on.

They provide some others treatment like clean the poison from your body, treatment at your house, optional therapies. If you want the recovery at house due to financial problem our skilled worker will help you. You can visit for getting more information before admission.

It play significant role in treatment of teenager who are between the ages of 13-17, so take the benefit to contact them on 1888-961-4558.

This rehab center provides you free insurance verification on 24/7 in which you can find rehab according to your budget. If you want to apply it you need to complete a clinical intake assessment.

Promises Addiction Recovery Rehab Center

Promises Addiction Recovery Center rank on 2nd in this list of best drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in California. Promises Addiction Recovery Center is situated at Malibu and recognized by CARF. This rehab center has many branches in California and offers dual-diagnosis addiction recovery for patients. This rehab center is known about their good treatment than other rehab center in California because they work not only patient’s addiction, firstly they search the main cause of the addiction and then eradicate that problem. It is found that people can suffer from addiction of alcohol and drugs due to many reasons such as sadness, shock, unhappiness or business loss, worry, manic depression, insomnia, and if you have any physical pain. In this rehab center they treated not only patient’s addiction but also all illness which patient has during the recovery. They treat the patient within 30 days plan but they have 60 days and 90 days plan also which are used according the patient’s addiction. It depend on patient that what plan is chosen. If you choose long period plan it will be beneficial for you because in this period we can focus on main cause and eradicate it so you will get long term sobriety. In few cases, patient face the problem of relapse, don’t worry you will overcome on this addiction for lifetime.

Cost for rehabilitation

The cost of rehab depends on client choice, if you want extra facility they will charge on you for all extra facilities. The cost of treatment will be cheap if you want recovery at home. The cost of treatment depends on 4 plans which are given below:

  1. Facilities offer: This rehab center provides all facilities including gourmet, air-conditioned private rooms, swimming pool, garden, acupuncture, yoga classes, and knowledgeable courses. The cost of treatment can be low or high according your choice.
  2. Provide time period plan: It depends on how long time you stay in rehab center. They give you 30, 60, 90 days plan or you can stay for longer time. The cost will increase according what program you choose.
  3. Travel charges: If you live in far area from the rehab center, they take the charges for travelling. They provide you luxurious surroundings for more cost.
  4. Various Programs: They provide two program, inpatient and outpatient. If you stay in rehab center for recovery it will be costly than you take the treatment at home.

The staffs of the rehab center work on patients gingerly so don’t worry no chance of relapse if you have any problem you can contact them on toll free no. 1888-517-2330. There is more possibility to treat your addiction and shortly you can start your life in sobriety.

Betty Ford Rehab Center

Betty Ford Rehab Center rank on 3rd in this list of best drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in California. The Betty Ford Rehab Center is situated at Rancho Mirage in California. This is a hospital which is known as C.D.R. Hospital (Chemical Dependency Recovery Hospital). This hospital was start in 1982. It is recognized hospital and not working only for earnings. The worker gives their best but if you want to release addiction, you need to help of your family or friends. Firstly they will encourage you for treatment and during the treatment your friends will promote you for returning house. All over the world near about 2,00,000 people have taken benefit of this hospital.

This rehab center famous for:

  1. Unified and best recovery for addiction and illness.
  2. LGBTQ-unified recovery.
  3. Encouraging program for teenagers
  4. Focus program in which we give the training to professionals for best care

Our expert will help you 24/7 on this contact no. 1866-831-5700.

Duffy’s Napa Valley Rehab Center

Duffy’s Napa Valley Rehab Center rank on 4th in this list of best drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in California. Duffy’s Napa Valley Rehab Center is situated at Napa Valley which is in Northern California. It is known as Napa Valley because it is a beautiful place. They start this rehab center in 1967. This rehab center is famous in the world, near about 40,000 people have taken benefit from this rehab center till now. Patient’s family can meet to patient on Saturday. This rehab center gives you best treatment in various way and it depend on 14 step program.

Narcotic Addiction Recovery Program: NARP Program work on physical and emotional treatment. They treat those patients who have the addiction of heroin, dhatura, drugs and give the deep therapy to know the main cause of opiate.

Dipsomania Recovery Program: Their treatment will work when you apply abstinence. After treatment, if you face any problem related to physical or emotional disorder, you can face relapse so maintain abstinence in any condition.

Detoxify Medical Program: With the help of this program they remove the substance of alcohol and drug from your body. So it can be harmful for patient if staff works with negligence that’s way they provide you licensed and skilled workers.

Offer for inpatient and outpatient: If you are a student or businessman or you have any type of responsibilities, you cannot admit in this rehab center they will offer a certain rehab program at your home. It will be cheap for you. But for inpatient they will provide long term program.

For outpatient they provide very structured treatment program in which they can take the benefit of all facilities and it can be short term program but it will be costly than inpatient.

Type of recovery

This rehab center provide you various type treatments like individualized Program, family program, adult program.

In individualized program they find the main cause of addiction individually. They search the background of every person.

Family program, it is important for patient that during the recovery his family or friends support him.

Life skills plan

During the recovery they provide you many skills for your relaxation and knowledge. In this program include time management, effective communication, and business management and so on.

Information about payment

  1. Charges of this rehab center are $35,000 per month.
  2. Health insurance will be accepted.
  3. Payment will be accepted by check or cash.

For more information you can contact us on (844) 201-5157.

Beacon House Rehab Center

Beacon House Rehab Center rank on 5th in this list of best drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in California. Beacon House is situated in the center of Monterey Peninsula. You will like the environment when visit of this house before admission. They offer a house for patient because they will not miss their house and take the benefit of all facilities. They provide you life time treatment to release your addiction with our licensed staff. They have been working for 60 years. From there thousands of people have taken benefits. Two programs make us unique in the country which are Integrity of choice and Lifetime Recovery. Their main purpose eradicates this addiction for lifetime and our staff is always ready for help.


The residence is decorated according patient’s choice. For your help we attend you 24/7 and their staff will tell you all services on this no. 866-421-6156. They will be with you for lifetime.
Beacon House is available for all age group including men, women.

Inpatient program

Inpatient gets structured recovery at our house in short term program. They recover the patient with strategies.

Able Staff

Beacon House has well educated and trained worker for the recovery. Focus program is available for staff.

Cost for recovery

According our experience every patient has different view because they give you various plans so it depend on you which plan you choose and how long time you want to stay. Cost depends on your addiction and your behavior.

The Hills Treatment Rehab Center

The Hills Treatment Rehab Center rank on 6th in this list of best drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in California. The Hills Treatment Rehab Center is situated at Los Angeles in California and recognized by ADP, CARF. You can enjoy our all amenities, therapies, courses and get the benefit of physical and mentally disorder program. They have 20-30 years experienced staff and with the help of professional, they keep the maintenance in all branches. they provide you physical, mental, emotional treatment for stopping various addiction and all luxury like various food, gym, swimming pool, garden, private room attach toilet, TV, AC, many entertaining program, not only this various skill program like educational program, time management, money management, family relationship program. This rehab center creates lovely atmosphere so that you may enjoy it.

Dipsomania Treatment: This treatment is used on those people who are suffering to addiction of alcohol. 12 step program are usually used and you should keep abstinence to save yourself from relapse.

This rehab center has full staff to fix the problem of mental and substance abuse

Detox Program:  This program play a significant role in achieving their goals in recovery. Detox is a process in medical line by which the doctor removes the alcohol and drug from the body. This process is done carefully with the help of skilled doctor.

Various offers:

Provide best service: Their staff provides best services on 24/7 and we feel lucky if you remember us for any problem at any time.

Outpatient, inpatient treatment: Outpatient program works on those patients who do not stay in rehab center at night and inpatient program provide you not only substance abuse but also house and delicious food. But it may increase the cost of your treatment.

Dual diagnosis treatment:  This program work on dual policy. We recover not only addiction of alcohol or drug but also all illness which are related to mental and emotion.

Eating Disorder Treatment: EDT program works on those patients who have issue of binge-eating syndrome, vomiting, dysfunction. It found that some cause of addiction can be food our mean is, food can be used as addictive thing. So we focus on food disorder and stop it with the help of dual diagnosis program.

12 step program: Alcoholics Anonymous is an organization which provides 12 step programs to center. Beginning step creates spiritual base for treatment, middle step program makes the condition of patient better than before and eradicates the addiction. Final step works on others illness.


CBT and DBT therapy: Both therapies focus on patient’s feeling, thought and behavior because these are main cause of addiction.

This rehab center provides you Individual therapy, family therapy, psychic trauma therapy, group therapy, nutrition therapy.

For promoting you they provide a creative art therapy in which including painting, writing, poetry, dance, singing, game by which you express your feeling and thought.

Cost for recovery

  1. $1500.00 per day
  2. $45000.00 per month
  3. If you choose 90 day plan you will have to deposit $1,20,000.00
  4. Health insurance will be accepted.
  5. Payment will be accepted by cash only.

Overall rating is 4.1 stars

And for more details contact us on 1866-577-2701

Desert Palms Rehab Center

Desert Palms rehab center rank on 7th in this list of best drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in California. Desert Palms is situated at Cathedral in California. This rehab center looks like a beautiful house and gives you residential treatment with all facilities including entertainment, delicious food, creative art program, especially focus on chemical dependency and believe on long term treatment because if you stay for long time in this rehab center you can achieve a great victory on addiction and you can begin life without fear of relapse. They give you an individualized treatment by which find underlying cause of addiction.

Inpatient and outpatient program

This rehab center also provides you both facilities of inpatient and outpatient. It depends on you that which program is chosen by you because inpatient program gives you enduring protection by long term treatment of addiction of drug or alcohol and outpatient program gives the treatment for two months only but don’t worry it may be convenient.

Co-occurring disorder will help for those patients who are suffering from not only drug or alcohol addiction but also help in mental, emotional and physical issues. It works on schizophrenic psychosis also. Under inpatient program you can take benefit of insurance, Health Care, Healthsmart, Managed Health Network, these three schemes are offered for you. In Palms Desert area police catch drug supplier, so this is in very demand because of the location and their services. This rehab center provides awareness camp in this area for outer people who use drug or alcohol.

Firstly most of rehab center find mental disorder because in this situation people satisfy themselves with the help of alcohol or drug so this center work on both mental disorder and addiction of alcohol and drug.

Some techniques of treatment

  1. Motivation technique
  2. Perceptional technique
  3. Drug withdrawal technique
  4. Dual diagnosis technique
  5. Long term technique

For more details you can contact on 1888-341-7785 (24/7)

Ocean Hills Recovery Rehab Center

Ocean Hills Recovery Rehab Center rank on 8th in this list of best drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in California. Ocean Hills Recovery Rehab Center situated at Dana Point in California and recognized by CARF. This rehab center is known for individualized recovery; they admit only 10 patients at a time and assist them to achieve their goal in recovery. So they handle the addiction with the help of 12 step program in which patient choose 30, 60, 90 days program it will be better if you choose long term program because you will release your addiction for lifetime. If you keep abstinence you will get the victory on addiction of alcohol and drug. Consequently you can join in your family again and enjoy the life in sobriety. You don’t need to scare of relapse.

To make this dream true Ocean Hills Recovery Rehab Center provides you sober living houses. These are most attractive and livable houses. Firstly staff pays attention on addiction of alcohol and find underlying cause of addiction.

For your entertainment Ocean Hills gives you all facilities not only in house but also outside the rehab center you can enjoy number of games like, skating, bicycling, surfing, swimming and so on.

Ocean Hills gives you

  1. Individualized treatment
  2. Long term treatment
  3. Detox program
  4. Inpatient Program
  5. 12 step program
  6. Group treatment
  7. Substance Abuse Treatment
  8. Outpatient Program
  9. Drug withdrawal technique


  1. Health insurance will be accepted.
  2. Payment will be accepted by cash only.
  3. Creative art therapy
  4. Gym
  5. Yoga classes

For more details contact on 877-700-4902 (24/7)

Hotel California By The Sea Rehab Center

Hotel California By The Sea Rehab Center rank on 9th in this list of best drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in California. This Hotel is situated at Newport Beach in California. This rehab center is known for their 12 step program. They focus on every patient’s behavior, feeling, emotions and create healing environment. Rehab center’s certified staff provides you a unique treatment for various addictions. You can take the benefit of our both customize recovery and substance abuse treatment plans.

Dipsomania Recovery
This rehab center helps you in recovery of alcohol addiction. You face the problem of addiction when you cross the limit of drinking but center’s staff eradicates it easily so that you may join in your family again.

Substance Abuse
This rehab center provides you substance abuse treatment for saving your life from the addiction of drug, heroin, dhatura and so on.
Co-Occurring Disorders
You suffer from the addiction, cause of depression, worry, and loss, hurt. Licensed staff takes the challenge of recovery and offer your lifetime sobriety.
1.      Health insurance accepted
2.      Payment by cash
Take the benefit of all services and for more information contact on 800-762-6717

Phoenix House Academy Rehab Center

Phoenix House Academy Rehab Center rank on 10 in this list of best drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in California. Phoenix House is situated at Los Angeles in California since 1994. This rehab center is only for teenagers.  They admit teenagers in academy and for their recovery provide individual treatment, group therapy, family program, trauma therapy, detox therapy, outpatient therapy. They give not only these therapies but also take care of your entertainment and skills. They create the environment according their desires. You can enjoy gym, games, musical class, art therapy, cultural program.

This rehab center in California offers outpatient program for 14-19 who have become puppet because of addiction of alcohol or drug. Drug Removal Program works usually in schools, colleges and communities and under this service you can continue your job or education.

If you have chronic disorder instead of addiction, don’t worry their licensed professionals find the underlying cause of addiction and after three month you will feel healthy and you can start your new journey with sobriety.

Intensive care service

Phoenix Academy uses this service for youth welfare. They prevent new generation from substance abuse and mental disorder.

Education service

It found that because of addiction and mental illness some children cannot continue their study but when they admit in this house for recovery, this rehab center provides them education along with recovery.

Provide fitness program

As you know this rehab center works only for teenagers, with a view to offers fitness program, you makes your body healthy.

Their staff will help you on 1888-671-9392 (24/7)

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