Best 10 Drug & Alcohol rehabilitation centers in Florida


Florida is famous for drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers and treatment. All rehab center works separately like some centers work on no-profit program and some rehab center offering high cost for all facilities so choose it carefully because cheap program does not work successfully all the time. We know that it is very difficult job for you in choosing best rehabilitation center in Florida. Consequently, we have collected some information about rehab centers so take the benefit and surely these rehab centers will helpful for getting effective recovery and you can begin your life with sobriety. With the help of rehab center you can get victory on addiction of drug or alcohol in comfortable environment.

Solutions Recovery Rehab Center

Solutions Recovery Center situated at Delray Beach in Florida. This is a private rehab center. There are not complaining about location because same distance between California, Florida and New York. So people can come here easily. Solutions Rehab Center is available for all age group men and women who are suffering from addiction of alcohol or drug. Individualized recovery program is available for every patient and not only this you will get detox program which based on 30, 60, 90 days program. For returning home they provide care treatment services, you can overcome on addiction of drug or alcohol by using Break Free Recovery Program and you can get back your respect in society.

Individualized Program

Individual Program is not working like others rehab center. In Solutions Recovery Center, Licensed Staff treats the patient one by one under 1:1 therapy. They work with full attention continually.

Inpatient, outpatient program

As you know it is a tough job for removing addiction of drug or alcohol so it will take some time when they give you a process. For your lifelong sobriety this rehab center works on addiction in various phases. This phase will assist in getting different think of living a beautiful life with family. This program offers real life treatment, in which patient enjoy each moment of recovery to use all facilities.

Guaranteed treatment

Because of use of this program, this rehab center is known more than others center. They give the 100% guarantee that you will not face danger of relapse after recovery.

Solutions Recovery Rehab Center offers all facilities like you can enjoy delicious food, private room with an outfitted bed, gym, sandy beach and some courses also attain.

Center’s staff works from 9am to 5pm but if there is any emergency or you want any information about center they always ready so you can contact on 1 866-883-0775 (24/7).

Paradise Recovery Center

Paradise Recovery Rehab Center situated at Delray Beach in Florida and recognized by NAATP. This is a chemical dependency recovery rehab center. Paradise is 25 years old center. There is luxurious environment by which you will feel like you are living in your house. By using of various therapies and program, your body and mind will be healed itself. There is separated treatment for men and women.


They treat 15 patient’s addiction at a time. Women lives in separate place but don’t worry both gender can commune to each other’s in clinical center. Facilities are provided also according genders. This rehab center is located in beautiful area, in this rehab center you will feel like you come here for holidays. Building is well designed, both single and shared rooms are available, separate and joint toilet, all electrical device including radio, TV, telephones are used, last but not least every entertaining program is available. According to patient’s health all delicious and nutritional food and fruits are provided.

About recovery and workers

This alcohol and drug rehab center works on 30, 60, 90 days plan, patient can choose the time period according their addiction. In treatment Individualized Recovery Program and detoxify both play significant role, during the detoxify program a process is operated in which all alcohol and drug is brought out from your body. Instead of detox program patient can get 12 step plan which works in same way.

Licensed staff works in day and night. Every worker has 15-20 years experience in recovery. All staff is believable, honest and always ready for your help. Service is available on 24/7(365).


  1. $28000.00 per month
  2. All health insurance accepted

For more details contact on 1 800-476-1801 (24/7)

12 Keys Rehab

12 Keys Rehab Center situated at Jensen Beach in Florida. It is drug and alcohol recovery rehab center at large. Ratio between worker and staff is 1:3, so they admit only 30 patients at a time. Individualized program works on patient of drug alcohol addiction successfully. This rehab center offers real life recovery which tries to control patient’s temptation in a systematic way and helps to overcome on addiction. Their 12 step program always tries to heal patient’s mind, feeling, and body. So with a healthy body and fresh mind you can cross all difficult situations of the world.

Incredible Facilities

As you know, 12 Keys Rehab Center is located in sunshine state, surely you will enjoy a luxurious environment and for your mind recovery you can take part in all physical activities lake surfing, skating, cycling, fishing, horse riding and can get comfortable amenities of single or share bedroom, furnished private room with attach toilet and each patient can do skilled effort in singing, dancing, writing, poetry.

Recovery based program

  1. Individual counseling
  2. Family program
  3. Detoxify process
  4. 12 step recovery
  5. Holistic alcohol and drug recovery
  6. Real life recovery
  7. Intercession therapy
  8. LGBTQ-Unified Treatment

Specialty of workers

Staff understands your compulsion of addiction, because addiction of alcohol and drug can happen in loss, depression, injury, critical situations. So they explore main cause of addiction, with the help of various therapies eradicate the addiction in 90 days and protect you from relapse.
Their all services are available on 24/7 (365)
Your most welcome on 866-480-4328

Lakeside Treatment Rehab Center

Lakeside Treatment Rehab Center is situated at Jacksonville in Florida and began in 2001. This center is famous for its effective and low-priced recovery. It based on chemical dependency and resists of addiction. If you choose Lakeside Treatment Rehab Center you will get individualized program in which staff focuses on patient’s personal needs, because of its small area, possibilities are increasing to focus on every patient’s addiction. So in a short time you can overcome on drug and alcohol and protect yourself for lifetime.

Details of amenities

In inpatient program this center provides 100 beds, each room has two beds, AC, TV, and attach toilet, if patient want to choose outpatient program, same gender rooms are provided by counselor. Every patients use two rooms set.
In term of food, for inpatient all healthy, vegetarian or non-vegetarian meals are available which is provided for three times.

Their main purpose is best and affordable treatment, for your recovery here are various programs. Detoxify, individualized and group therapy, inpatient and outpatient, three days family therapy, dual-diagnosis recovery in which your body and mind will be healed.


Staff is available for 24/7 so if you want any extra information you can contact to receptionist at any time.

  1. Amount can be between $18000.00-32000.00 per month. Without wasting your time call on 800-884-1727

Unity Recovery Rehab Center

Unity Recovery Rehab Center is situated at North Palm Beach in Florida. In term of drug and alcohol addiction, it attempts on multi-faceted program. They are evaluated patient’s personal requirements by using traditional and holistic treatment and you will come back on track by using short or long term program successfully. Professionals are using holistic recovery till now, Science has start first step for healing the illness with forefront technique. Unity Recovery Rehab Center acknowledges the efficiency of this technique and uses this program according of individual needs. Food, physical fitness program and holistic pain program are used for long lasting recovery.
Feeling that addiction may a big fight for patient, so they maintain the link between client and staff after recovery. During the treatment, education programs are provided to patients. In addition, disciplinarian program is a multi tasking program, when they use on client it treats family relation, addiction of gambling and sex, eating disorder and so on. When they treat an addict, numerous mental illnesses are found and then dual-diagnosis program is applied for removing mental disorders.

It works in favor of abstinence, this rehab center is integrating 12 step program which follow the patient’s requirement.

  1. Manipulates body structures
  2. Welfare method which include food, physical fitness program and holistic pain program
  3. Ponderable system
  4. 12 step program
  5. 6 hours group therapy
  6. Daily individual therapy
  7. Detoxify program which protect your body from alcohol and drug
  8. Yoga classes

When suddenly somebody will stop the addiction of drug and alcohol, firstly you will face some bodily discomfort after that if you react in medium level then you will be treated under outpatient program and in more critical stage patient can be treated by inpatient program.
Their skilled staffs are available 24/7, informations are available on 877-772-5505

Hanley Rehab Center

Hanley Rehab Center is situated at West Palm in Florida and proprietor of this center is Hazelden.  It has spent 30 years with glorious victory in recovery of addiction of alcohol and drug and now it covert in Origins Behavioral Healthcare Network. Hanley is founded one of the most superior rehab center in the nation by advanced recovery techniques and with the help of gender based program. Through holistic treatment program fulfills patient’s personal needs and protect client’s mind, body from the bad effect of drug and alcohol addiction after that you can get a sober life with healthy body and fresh mind.


Hanley Rehab Center provides 86 bed and wide open area. You can see palm trees, multi colored flowers, fountains in surrounding of center. You can choose double bed.
Their main focus is on separate recovery program in which firstly they divide the age group in three category 18-48, 48-64 and over 64 after that they will keep you according the category in center. It will be easy to stop your addiction and recover age related problems.
There is separate building for young men and women, while old patients can live together.
Delicious, vegetarian or non-vegetarian, according your age and health all food is available.


  1. Detoxify treatment
  2. Dual-Diagnosis program
  3. Separate recovery program
  4. Inpatient and outpatient program
  5. CBT, DBT and personalized program
  6. 12 step program
  7. Group therapy
  8. Five days family therapy
  9. Experiential therapy


Worker includes certified and spiritual counselors, skilled nurse and doctor all are specialized in their works.


$34000.00 per month.

Connect with this rehab center by 866-542-6539 available 24/7/365

Suncoast Rehabilitation Center

Suncoast Rehabilitation Center is situated at north Tampa’s Spring Hill in Florida. It is known as Nature Coast center and opened in 2009. This rehab center based on non-profit program, luxurious environment allows comfortable treatment of addiction of drug and alcohol during the recovery process. You will find new, trigger-free and believable ambience. Recovery programs are applied on whole day and time limit of recovery up to 4 months, in this period you will maintain sobriety perfectly.

Let’s see fundamental principle

Suncoast drug and alcohol rehabilitation center will offer Narconon program of treatment without medical workers, with the help of Narconon International Organization they are promoting L.Ron Hubbard’s program for recovering addiction of alcohol, drug, and substance abuse. It proves a successful theory.

Recovery program

Firstly they assay patient’s behavior, habits and addictions before admitting because this rehab center is not allowing destroyer clients. For stopping your addiction this center rehab does not use medicines. Medicines are used only in Detoxify program. Through Individualized therapy counselors will focus on every patient, group therapy is not available in the center. All skill activities have included in Narconon method and in last five weeks fitness programs, yoga classes are provided for 5 hours. Suncoast’s 12 step program plays significant role to recover addiction in short time.


Rehab center has built two buildings in 3 acre area, buildings are dividual for genders. It has 27 beds so if beds are filled you will have to share room. Master bed rooms are available with double bed, painted walls, marble floor.

Indoor, outdoor both activities are provided, you can enjoy skating, horse riding, fishing, basketball and so on. Center has nutrition and healthy food. Tea and coffee are supplied whole day. If your family member seeks to meet or conversation to you, supervisor will allow them on Saturday 12 to 6pm.


  • $30000.00 per month

If you want any information about staff and rehab center you can call on 800-511-9403

Hazelden Betty Ford Rehab Center

This addiction recovery rehab center will provide inpatient and outpatient program at Naples in Florida. Hazelden center uses evidence based recovery for your addiction and 12 step programs will heal your body, mental disorders and soul. Personalized program focus on every client, it encourages their mind and free them from addiction for long life.

They admit both men and women and heal their addiction under inpatient, outpatient program, individualized program and 12 step principles which care them in personalized and holistic way

  1. Finding all phase of patient’s body, feeling, soul and mental disorder.
  2. Using customize recovery for fitting patient’s requirement.
  3. Addressing mental health status by integrated therapy.
  1. Using in treatment community to promote recovery.

Addiction recovery in Hazelden Betty Ford

  • Inpatient, outpatient program
  • Sober living
  • Family program
  • Recovery 40 plus program

Inpatient, outpatient program

This rehab center gives you all benefit related both these program. Inpatient program uses for those patient who live here and use all services but outpatient program’s patient does not stay here at night.

Inpatient program gives you extra

  1. Multi care facilities for recovery
  2. Night group therapy
  3. Stress decrease recovery

Sober living

In this rehab center you will find a protected area with ideal arrangement. Their mixing recovery and sober residence gives most extensive stage for outpatient recovery. You will feel like your home environment.

Recovery 40 plus program

This program uses for new generation and old people, it focus on age related problem.

Family program

When you suffer from the addiction of drug and alcohol, it is a difficult job for stopping addiction so your family or friend should support you and try to meet you time to time. For your encourage this rehab center provides them some free service.


  1. All health insurance accepted
  2. Cash payment allow

Your most welcome on 1-866-831-5700 (24/7)

Behavioral Health Rehab Center

Behavioral Health Rehab Center is situated at Palm Beach in Florida and began in 1997, owned by Donald K. Mullaney. It gives you extensive treatment of detoxify, drug and alcohol addiction recovery, Individualized rehabilitation. Long term based program will protect you from fear of relapse. Under inpatient program you can overcome on addiction of drug and alcohol in short period. This rehab center is famous for evidence based program in which they search all phase of patient’s care and fulfill their personal needs.

This rehab center admits near about 200 patients at a time. Detox program is available for men and women in center by which professionals save your body from toxic, both men and women detoxify together.

Recovery Program

  1. Detoxify Program
  2. Creative art therapy
  3. Family program
  4. Dual-diagnosis therapy
  5. Sober living program
  6. Inpatient treatment
  7. Long term based recovery
  8. Group therapy


  1. $12000.00 to 20000.00 per month(standard)$30000.00
  2. Private health insurance accepted
  3. Cash payment will be accepted

This rehab center allows only skilled and certified workers for your help in recovery. So you can contact at reception 24/7. They will guide you before admitting and staff will tell about their all programs, contact on 888-432-2467


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