10 Best Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers


Drug and alcohol treatment centers, best one for you. How we are saying that these are the best drug and alcohol treatment centers? Well we have been searching through the whole internet world to make this list of best drug and alcohol treatment centers. We have checked the online rating, rehab facilities and qualification of the staff and then we created this list of drug and alcohol treatment centers.

As you know, drug addiction does influence as your body as well as your mind, you will be gone in mire of addiction for life time. To bring out the addiction from your life you must know where to go, where you can get the assist from? There are many drug and alcohol treatment centers in the United States. For your individual treatment needs you should find the best option. To fulfill your requirement, we have created this list of best 10 drug and alcohol treatment center below.

Solutions Recovery Rehab Center

This small size and private center is situated at Boca Raton in Florida, established by Dan Callahan. This drug and alcohol treatment center encourages you to stop that feeling, in which you feel better after intoxicated. As Solutions Recovery Rehab Center believes in long – term treatment as well as clients. Firstly their staff understands the main cause of addiction according patient’s condition and then they offer self-directed personalized recovery to patient of drug addiction. It provides all services on low-priced and therapeutic, prosperous environment, which induce you to live the life with sobriety. Solutions Recovery Rehab center’s professionals are dedicated to assist patients in achieving a sober life.

Demonstrated Recovery System

This drug and alcohol treatment center is famous for Demonstrated Recovery System which helps of patients in removing drug addiction. Their Break Free Plan will help you to get sobriety in mind for life-time. They use triangle service in which include a primary therapist, chief professional and addiction counselor, they work together in critical situations. They do not allow going alone for home after recovery, a helper will help you in reaching home and stay with you for some time until you do not feel better.

Need of Individual Treatment

Individual treatment plays a significant role to get rid of an addict from drug addiction. This drug and alcohol treatment center does not allow more than one patient at a time and work in an array by which it heals your body, mind and soul also so you will be able to live your old life with sobriety.

New and better choices

This drug and alcohol treatment center uses two philosophies in recovering of drug addiction. First, patient must face the need of curing and second, assist them to understand the choice of recovery and make its better. Their main focus on second philosophies, patient can understand his condition of addiction and with the help of this opinion he can make better choice of sobriety.

So, for more details about their staff and treatment call on 561-515-5825.

The Caron Foundation Rehab Center

The Caron Foundation Rehab Center helps of addict in all directions of the nation and situated at Princeton, Wernersville and Boca Raton in Florida. This drug and alcohol treatment center which establishes the relationship with The University of Pennsylvania, focusing on recovery practices and scientific research. In addition, it based on non-profit recovery of drug addiction. It has been working on drug addiction for 60 years.
They treat all patients according their addiction and fulfill individual needs. Their cutting-edge addiction recovery program proves most beneficial for patients, you can get evidence-based therapy, perceptional services, 12 step program, time-to-time they will encourage you during treatment. It provides detoxify program, individualized and family program, dual-diagnoses. This center has opened for all ages and both genders people. This drug and alcohol treatment center will help to overcome on addiction of drug abuse, you can get your old life in therapeutic way.

Recovery Details

Multidisciplinary team demonstrates addiction and co-occurring confusion when patient is admitted in drug and alcohol treatment center. This team works on a customized recovery and gives five day treatment during the process.
Caron Foundation treats in various way, they uses 12 step program, for your satisfaction gives evidence-based treatment, including holistic and residential treatment, moreover personalized therapy, group therapy, art activities, fitness program, encouraging interview, skill programs for your family and so on.

Skill Staff

The staff includes psychologists, licensed counselors, experienced therapists, skilled nurses and a doctor also.


Caron Foundation provides a spectacular and tourism location in mountains, you will feel like you are on long vacations. You can enjoy all indoor and outdoor games, gym, yoga classes, you can choose share bedrooms or private bedroom and classrooms are available for students also.


People have different views in financing; some says their services are very costly but some says with the help of insurance they can cover the cost. It provides some scholarship and accepts health insurance.

Its average rate is 4.4 stars

Your most welcome on toll free no. 844-896-7031

Sundown M Ranch Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

Sundown M Ranch is a very famous drug and alcohol treatment center situated at Yakima, Washington on 30 acres area. It began in 1968 and provides a spectacular, protective and restorative environment till now. It has been working as a drug and alcohol treatment center for 45 years. Near about 1,14,000 people have overcome on drug addiction. It became famous in 2009 when Dr. Fred Montgomery won three Outstanding Clinicians Award for private psychiatry treatment. This drug and alcohol treatment center is known for their unique recovery program in the nation. It works on evidence-based therapy, helps the patient to improve the stability in sobriety and always work for their bright future.

Drug Abuse Recovery for adult

This drug and alcohol treatment center is accredited for their unique programs throughout the nation. Sundown M Ranch has three goal with the help of multidisciplinary team, licensed counselors and professionals

  1.       Overcome on addiction with chemical dependency.
  2.       In recovery process has the requirement of encouragement.
  3.       Individual guidance for healthy life.

Therapies for adult

  • 12 step program
  • Fitness program
  • Detoxify program
  • Inpatient recovery
  • Psychiatry treatment
  • Aftercare planning
  • Interview activity
  • Education
  • Group therapy

As you know drug addiction affects not only you but also your family, so for your help this drug and alcohol treatment center provides three days family program in week in last month. They focus on inpatient program with the help of skilled staff. Their staff is available 24/7(365). They will protect you from the physically and mental disorders.

Use toll free no.1 800-326-7444 for extra information

Ocean Breeze Recovery Center

Ocean Breeze Recovery center is situated at Pompano Beach in Florida. This is a new building and located in beautiful area. It is known best drug and alcohol treatment center of United States which giving extensive and personalized recovery of addict. Provides inpatient program, outpatient program and believe on long-term program in which you will stay in center for four months and will get relapse free recovery. Ocean’s staff assesses the effect of substance abuse on human body, finds the underlying cause, for removing this affect they use detoxify treatment program and in short time you will be able to live addiction free life.

Basic Programs

· Resident treatment – Its mean you are living in drug and alcohol treatment center for recovery, it will be beneficial for you because you will receive full time supervision by skilled staff and can get more therapies and all program which related to education, family and skilled program will be received.
· Christian treatment program – This is a Christian-based treatment which provides long lasting recovery in chronic disease by 12 step program and prayers, it works on principle of faith.
· Outpatient treatment – If you are not able to stay at night during recovery you can choose outpatient program in which you receives varied treatment like individual, group therapy, encouraging interview, addiction removing education and so on.
· Alumni Program – This program is continuing for graduates. It provides them comprehensive treatment and long-lasting sobriety for individual’s life.

Some more program

  • Individual therapy
  • Protection from relapse
  • Three days family program
  • Drug abuse education
  • Yoga classes
  • Detoxify
  • Skill program


Ocean Breeze Recovery Rehab Center’s staff works on 1:3. They do not allow more than 30 patients at a time so that they may heal your body and mind in therapeutic way. They provide all services 24/7 and help the patient to keep abstinence after treatment.


Ocean drug and alcohol treatment center provides dual room facilities with ocean view bedroom. Meditation, fitness class, life skill education also provides. In financing, this drug and alcohol treatment center accepts most insurance plans. You can contact on 855-960-5341 for more satisfaction.

Benchmark Recovery Rehab Center


Benchmark Recovery Center is situated at Austin, Texas, it known as Mark Houston Recovery Center for drug addiction removing in the nation. This drug and alcohol treatment center believes in long term recovery in which it provides 90 days program. For relapse prevention, 12 step programs take place for 40 days. Addiction affects not only on your body but also your mind so for your healthy life they include life skill program and fitness therapy. Near about 50,000 people have been treated from this drug and alcohol treatment center till now. For your care they do not allow more than 58 patients at a time. Benchmark Rehab Center has gotten 3.4 stars.

Details of recovery and staff

This drug and alcohol treatment center uses strict treatment for bringing back you on track. They use acupuncture treatment and for your relaxation also uses massage therapy. Detoxify program will help in removing toxic from your body. Dual diagnoses program heals physically, mentally, spiritually. The therapist assesses your condition and always works on evidence based recovery.

In this center 28 staff members available 24/7. They treat in friendly way when you try to bring out from drug addiction. They regulate all program and pay attention with EMDR therapist, licensed counselors, supervisors, skilled nurse and medical doctor.

Amenities with discipline

This drug and alcohol treatment center is known for discipline it provides all facilities but gives more importance to discipline and punctuality. According their law you cannot use cell phone, they fix the timing, and it allows 10 minutes in week for calling. You can watch TV only for 30 minutes per day because you will not lose your concentration power and cannot lie down on bed for more time. They provide separate building for men and women but in meeting program patients can live together. For teenager, addiction education is available. In open area you can use sport program. Their nutrition and delicious food attracts patient always.


  • $12,000.00 per month(90 days recovery)
  • They accept most health insurance

If you are finding this drug and alcohol treatment center contact on 866-905-4550

St. Jude’s Recovery Rehab Center

St. Jude’s drug and alcohol treatment center is situated at Atlanta for over 54 years. This drug and alcohol treatment center established in 1962 and works as recognized center. It is a welfare drug and alcohol treatment center which works for homeless and poor people. There are various facilities available for men and women. This drug and alcohol treatment center is not working only for addict it heals all chronic disorders, with the program of detoxify, outpatient and inpatient. In inpatient program you get offer of resident recovery, if you choose outpatient program you cannot enjoy night program and facilities.

Details of recovery and staff

Their first step, you have to face four day assess in which they choose the patient according their income, disease, addiction and behavior. After that, manager will decide your timing of individual therapy. They can use anger management to control you if require. It works in a series, group therapy is held in morning in last month. It also includes 12 step programs with addiction education; try to find out negative effect on patients mind. Evidence based recovery uses CBT, DBT techniques in scientific way and will help for relapse prevention.

For outpatient program only this drug and alcohol treatment center allows group therapy sessions and educational groups are held in last 30 days.

If woman has addiction problem so for her child care they do not take extra charges. Children care service is available on site.

Because of detoxify and evidence based recovery, center always keeps experienced and licensed counselors.


This drug and alcohol treatment center offers a luxurious environment for your satisfaction; during the group therapy you can enjoy all group activities. 50 men and 16 women can stay at a time. Not only this, children care service is available in this drug and alcohol treatment center.

Building is well designed and interior design is also attractive with furnished carpet, painted walls, marble flooring. Underground electric fitting and sanitary fitting in private rooms.

All activities related to sports, education and skill are available in St. Jude’s drug and alcohol treatment center.
Last but not least, it provides all food including nutrition, fruits, vegetables, non-vegetarian, Chinese, Asian, Italian.
It is a welfare and low-priced center and accept health insurance

They will guide you on 404-874-2224

Rock Solid Recovery Rehab Center

Rock Solid Recovery Rehab Center works in two parts, first Rock Solid for men, second Sure Haven for women in Costa Mesa, California. It supports of 6 men and 13 women. For long lasting healing it believes in 30, 60, 90 days program. This drug and alcohol treatment center provides inpatient, outpatient, 12 step approach, best detoxify with the help of licensed therapist. It focus on patient condition and finds underlying cause of drug addiction, with resident therapy finishes all problems related to body or mind and in a short time you are able to overcome on drug addiction and lives a sober life.
Therapies for men

    • Inpatient Program
    • Co-occurring disorders
    • Holistic treatment
    • Gym
    • Detoxify
    • Chronic disorders therapy

Therapies for women

    • Substance abuse therapy
    • Addiction education
    • Outpatient
    • 12 step approachSupportive interview
    • Yoga classes
    • Accommodations and Food

This drug and alcohol treatment center has built up in 4500 sq.ft. While this drug and alcohol treatment center is not spectacular but all bedrooms are spacious and livable. There is no problem to use cell phone, TV. TV and AC is available in all private and share rooms. In order to get more information across the world you can use unlimited internet service. You will feel relief after seeing natural landscape.
You will enjoy of heart touching food in this drug and alcohol treatment center including all veg. or non-veg.

One toll free no. is available for your help 866-281-2845, for men 800-494-8685

Mountainside Recovery Rehab Center

Rock Solid Recovery Rehab Center is situated at Canaan, Connecticut in California and established in 1998, uses holistic recovery along with traditional theory of recovery to overcome on drug addiction. For your healthy life it uses 12 step approach in every week. This drug and alcohol treatment center is known for adventure based recovery. Center’s multidisciplinary team and experienced staff works on patients carefully.

Basic method

Few years ago, this drug and alcohol treatment center used only traditional treatment method for giving addiction free life. But now they provide modern method in recovery along with detoxify, it takes some time to bring out toxic from your body but this method provides a significant recovery. Co-Occurring disorders limited, but now both co-occurring disorders, 12 step programs provides pleasant environment in recovery.

Accommodation and Food

This drug and alcohol treatment center is situated in lap of nature in 60 acre. Surrounded by palm trees, flowers, the valley, waterfalls which will help you for getting healthy body. 60 bedrooms are available for men and women. For your entertainment it provides music studio, yoga studio and all games. These activities will improve your physically and mentally ability.
In addition, all delicious food is available for three times in a day.


  • $ 30000.00 per month
  • Insurance available

For getting help dial 800-762-5433 available 24/7

Paradise Recovery Rehab Center

This drug and alcohol treatment center is founded in Delray Beach in 1991. Paradise Recovery Rehab Center has been working for 25 years with 24 bed facility. It based on 1:1 (one counselor and one patient) ratio in which patient feel safe during the drug recovery. This drug and alcohol treatment center available for both genders and all age group’s patient but allows separate treatment. If you want sobriety for life time it gives you 30, 60, 90 days recovery. For removing your addiction they use 12 step programs in chronic diseases.


  • Inpatient and outpatient therapy
  • Detox
  • Dual-diagnoses
  • 12 step program
  • Family program
  • Group therapy
  • Real life recovery
  • LGBTQ-Unified treatment
  • 0 to 90 days therapy

Paradise allows 15 patients in center include both gender but they live separate. This drug and alcohol treatment center provides luxurious environment because it surrounded by forests and waterfalls, so you feel 20% healthy in this environment. Moreover, for reducing your isolation it allows cell phone with unlimited internet service. You can choose private or share rooms which are spacious and furnished by carpet and marble. As you know entertainment is most important thing for a patient so you can enjoy TV, skating, fishing, volleyball and addiction education is also available on site.


This drug and alcohol treatment center allows only certified and skilled counselors. It work not only your body but also try to improve your mentally emotionally abilities with the help of Psychiatry Treatment in which drug and alcohol treatment center will allow only experienced therapist.


  • $28000.00 for 30 day’s treatment
  • Most health insurance accepted

For getting benefit dial 1 800-476-1801 (24/7)

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