Holistic Treatment for Drug Addiction


Holistic addiction treatment play a very important role when you searching for a solution to quite the drug addiction. There is lots of drug rehab center and have different type of treatment programs. But there is no proof that shows us which one is best. But somehow holistic addiction treatment and treatment centers are becoming very famous in these days, and the reason is only one ”effectiveness of the treatment”. In some drug rehab centers, holistic addiction treatment consider as an alternative method to support the main method for the addiction recovery because of its treatment model.

Holistic addiction treatment can be very helpful and various stage of drug addiction. Holistic addiction treatment will help you in detoxification as well as make you more mentally stable. Holistic addiction treatment is very helpful in reducing stress level and physical health. Some research shows that Holistic addiction treatment is dramatically effective in drug addiction recovery.

Definition of Holistic Recovery

Holistic addiction treatment is the base of individual needs which are related to body, mind and soul. As you know, recent treatment mainly focuses on healing the body. Consequently, the main aspects of the person’s care will be lost. Their main purpose is for giving a balanced recovery for addiction free life. Instead of body recovery, a person wants whole recovery because it will be beneficial for him when they suffered from drug addiction, mental disorders, depression and anxiety.

If you will get only physical recovery, you cannot be satisfied because it is provided only for makeshift solution. In future, it will affect you and you will face the various problems therefore holistic addiction treatment is the necessary to eradicate all problems which are related to soul, social, emotion and mental disorders.

Why the therapist uses Holistic Treatment

People does not know the exact area for recovery when they are struggling with drug addiction, thus Holistic addiction treatment improves health and fix all problems of 3 areas of patient. It plays significant role to pick out all problems thus you can participate in modern recovery method for getting a sober life also which involves Holistic addiction treatment too.

Researchers found out the connection among 3 areas during the Holistic addiction treatment, they found that if you have mental disorder, your mind or soul will be affected with that disease. With the help of this Holistic addiction treatment program you can get your happy life back.

Holistic ways for getting addiction free life

Drug addiction is a general problem in the world, drug rehabilitation center treats the patient of drug addiction at special amenities. Patient has need of rehab centers when they have crossed the all limit of addiction.

In the recent procedure of healing, the therapist uses mix conventional therapies like personalized therapy and group therapy, holistic and other. For healing patient’s mind they make also use of yoga classes, equine therapy, meditation and massage.

Holistic addiction treatment plays significant for providing relapse prevention. 4 Holistic addiction treatment are given below for getting addiction free life. You can use these ways both indoor and outdoor of rehabilitation center.

First way for treating your mind- Your mind is assumed a source of thoughts. It depends on your choice that which thoughts are followed. You can take care of your mind with various ways which will protect you from negative thoughts because negative thought is main cause of drug addiction.

For protecting your mind, you should read more books and spend more time to watch TV. You should do exercise of your brain muscles if you face any difficulty. You can defeat your mind which encourages you for more drinking, with the help of suitable tools and training.

Second way for treating your body- If you want a healthy body, exercise is a great option. You have various options like walking, jogging, swimming, hiking and more. You can choose any type of game. If you choose an activity, you will enjoy that and also concentrate on the job. If you want benefit, you have to participate in the activity continually.

If you are using drug for long time, definitely, it will affect your body more and make it weak. At first time, you may feel inconvenient because you will add exercise or other physical activity for routine, but after some time, you will enjoy it.

Third way for treating soul- If you use drug in more quantity, it will hurt your soul also. Your internal personality and behave depends on your soul. Therefore, it requires nutrition, respect, thankfulness, affection and devotion.

Meditation is a good activity for soul; meditation means you spend some time in alone and quiet position. When you will begin this process, it can antsy you at first time but if you do meditation for 15 minutes daily after one week you will find a change.

It depends on you that you choose alone or group meditation in rehabilitation center. You can take help online and many spiritual centers provide group meditation for treating your soul. You can choose any method which makes you feel better. Keep your mind in center and you should try to touch the soul. After that you will feel it during individual practice.

Advantages of holistic treatment

Numerous holistic rehabilitation centers provide same recovery programs, it includes traditional programs, group therapy, personalized therapy, supportive group program and for fulfilling good recovery they have trained and experienced staff on site.

While some programs like detoxify process cannot be available on site because holistic rehab does not apply medications for removing the addiction.

Moreover, some features are given below which are the base of any Holistic addiction treatment:

  • Natural meal plans- They focus on your food for improving your health and along with characterize the lack of nutrition because of your drug addiction and also emphasize for healthy meal.
  • Physically activities- For your healthy body, they encourage for doing physical activities. You can take part in hiking, swimming, biking, games, jumping and more.
  • Meditation and exercise- There you will do yoga, tai chi, prayer, self-hypnosis for touching your soul.
  • Supplementary therapy- This therapy includes massage and acupuncture. With the help of this therapy you will feel relax.
  • Highly effective psychotherapy- They provide this therapy for your entertainment. You can enjoy dance, singing, music and various arts.
  • Magnificent location- Holistic rehab center surrounded by natural landscape because this atmosphere will help in meditation also.

What should you check in a Holistic Rehab Center?

When you choose any holistic rehab center, you need to evaluate all programs which are told to you. How can you evaluate, here we are describing of some question which will help you to find a right drug rehabilitation center.

  • What type of recovery is provided?

Firstly, you should find that what type of treatment options are provided on website. As you know, every patient cannot be treated with every treatment therefore there every option should available which meets the requirements of individual easily. You should search about extra activities also like game, art therapy. Some holistic rehab center provides the treatment, therapy and activities according to the patient’s desire.

  • How long the recovery will last for getting a sober life?

As you know, for a healthy life, long term treatment will be beneficial. But several holistic rehab centers provide the treatment with 30, 60 and 90 days program. It depends on your choice that which Holistic addiction treatment you choose. For your satisfaction, you should begin with 30 days program after that you can extend it if you feel better. If you want effective Holistic addiction treatment you should believe in 90 days treatment.

  • What is the location of rehab center?

It will be helpful if you search specific location where you want to stay for Holistic addiction treatment. If a holistic rehab center is far away from your location, you want outpatient program, they will include travel cost. If you will go there you will spend the same. If you do not want to go in rehab center because of business, family and education so if you have good atmosphere at home it can be better option for you.

  • How much expense for removing addiction

Holistic addiction treatment can be costly due to location, facility, food and accommodation, high recovery and licensed staff. When you will compare the facility and Holistic addiction treatment, the cost of rehab center can be reduced. It depends on you that bring out some activities which are not according to choice and save some money. Some holistic rehab center provides financial help by health insurance, scholarship and sliding scale fees. They will stop all difficulties even if it be related to money or health.

  • Are the staff trained and experienced?

Your journey will be good at holistic rehab center when the center has the most trained, experienced and generous staff. You will get a healthy body and mind with the help of staff therefore if you want individual therapy, should consider the ratio among staff and patients. At least the ratio should be 1:3.

  • What type of care is provided?

A program is known best when it provides the facility of care after completion, always with you and protect from relapse and offer a sober life. If will get relapse problem it would be difficult to control therefore they should offer continued therapy when you come out from the holistic rehab center.

Holistic Addiction Treatment Techniques

Some techniques which are used commonly in holistic rehab and escape you from drug and alcohol addiction with traditional medication.

  • Acupuncture
  • Aromatherapy
  • Meditation
  • Tai chi
  • Psychotherapy
  • Massage
  • Yoga program
  • Hypnotism
  • Ayurvedism
  • Herbal therapy
  • Nutritional interference
  • Acupuncture- It plays an effective role in recovery. Acupuncture has been used to reduce the symptom of withdrawal. It may lessen anxiety and also protect you from the problem of insomnia. People can sleep better after acupuncture.
  • Aromatherapy- In this therapy, they use essential oil in massage, after some time, the oil enters blood stream and creates the balance among cells and body parts. It works for 3 to 24 hours.
  • Meditation- Meditation is the best way which is offered in holistic rehab center for treating soul and it will help to control craving. It may difficult at first time for an addict but holistic rehab center makes it easy with techniques.
  • Tai chi- This is a Chinese martial art which includes breathing exercise, meditation therapy, slow and deliberate movement. By which you can restore your energy easily. It will help in blood circulation, balance among cells and organ and alignment. In this art, meditation is done in standing and balancing position. They use every slow motion activities for your fitness.
  • Psychotherapy- All age’s people can apply this in recovery. People can remove their depression, anxiety, mental disorders, illness and more. Psychologist will cooperate with you to identify main cause and changes your thought and behave with this technique and provide a healthier and happier life.
  • Massage- Massage is known as relaxation therapy. When pressure is applied on body’s soft tissue, it responses in a good way. Within 5 minutes it removes all stresses. In addition, massage helps in decreasing anxiety, mental disorders. After massage you can sleep well if you are facing insomnia and treat digestive disorders.
  • Yoga- Yoga is used by all age’s people. By yoga poses, you can improve your body condition and immune system. It works on your full body, increases your flexibility, concentration power, capability of strength, stamina, clarity of mind and balance. When it comes to mind and spirit, with the help of Pranayama, you can control energy flow, it decelerates heart rate. It makes you calm for every situation but when if you do practice every day.
  • Hypnosis- Hypnotherapy is a part of psychotherapy. With the help of this therapy, therapist decreases your fear, changes negative thought and behave. It works on physical disorders also. When it comes to intoxication, this therapy can remove people’s addiction of alcohol, drug and smoking also.
  • Herbal therapy- In this therapy, the herbalist uses of leaves, petals and root of plants for treating your illness. Firstly they find the main cause of illness and after that eradicate it.

Nutritional therapy- This is also most effective Holistic addiction treatment therapy because if you will not care of food, it can affect your body. Lack of nutrients can be damage your digestive system. You can face lot of problem because of malnutrition therefore they support nutritional therapy in Holistic addiction treatment.

When you trapped in the drug addiction, it influences your whole body. With the help of Holistic Treatment Techniques you can learn all techniques by which you can protect your mind, body and soul. Holistic addiction treatment will heal your body and will help you to stopping the use of drugs for life.

Holistic addiction treatment program are accepted in the form of alternative recovery because it does not follow the conventional therapies which related to psychotherapy, 12 step processes and more. They work on mind, body and soul individually and also include some conventional recovery.


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