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Holistic Alcohol Treatment : Today, there are so many Americans that are moving away from conventional medication to concentrate more on natural methods for treatment. Different rehab centers offer different therapeutic treatment techniques for holistic alcohol treatment. Holistic alcohol rehab programs include teaching individuals of how to protect all areas of health- mind, body and spirit.

Holistic alcohol treatments offer a different approach. Instead of looking for the symptoms of the individual, the focus is more towards improvement of physical, spiritual and mental growth.  As holistic alcohol treatment is based on the idea that illness is due to imbalances in the body. If the imbalances are restored, the symptoms would go away. These alternative treatments are helpful although it is unwise to substitute for western medical approaches. Here are top 10 holistic alcohol treatments for alcohol addiction:

Holistic Alcohol Treatment : Acupuncture

Dating back more than 2000 years, Acupuncture is a Chinese practice with unknown origins. This holistic alcohol treatment practice is to insert thin needles into the skin at traditionally prescribed energy points. Even though it is a wide practice, opinions on the effectiveness of needle therapy as a treatment for alcohol addiction vary. The belief of this is to balance the individual’s life force, or Chi, which flows through 14 meridians. By puncturing these strategic points, the acupuncturist tries to balance person’s natural energy.

This holistic alcohol treatment is now widely classified practice for alcohol addiction. However, according to the westernized slant, these punctures in the body stimulate muscles, tissues and other nerves. This stimulation boosts the body to improve blood flow and release of pain killers in the body. It is this release of pain killers that help alcoholics. Due to this, an addict finds it easier to resist the urge of relapse. There are beliefs that acupuncture helps release of toxins produced from substance abuse. Therefore, acupuncture is an ideal complement for rehabilitation and is widely practiced as a holistic alcohol treatment.

Holistic Alcohol Treatment : Aromatherapy

Believed to be dated back to the period of antiquity, Aromatherapy is now classified to be a holistic alcohol treatment. The practice involves using plant materials and aromatic ingredients to create scents. The scents are believed to benefit mental, spiritual and physical health. Even though aromatherapy can’t cure addiction, it elevates the mood and help people to recover from alcohol addiction. Reducing stress is an essential part in alcohol addiction.

Some of the essential oils that benefit during holistic alcohol treatments are:

  • Lavender oil is known as oil of peace is beneficial for relaxing the body. Moreover, lavender oil may also help in relieving psychological stress at the root of the alcohol addiction itself. With more research, lavender may end up being a standout amongst the most critical fundamental oils for alcohol addiction both from prevention and treatment outlook.
  • Black pepper oil is known to have amazing detoxification benefits by stimulating urine output and extra sweat. Although the research is ongoing to prove the benefits.
  • Fennel is another essential oil related with detoxification and many use it in the capsule form. It is implied to cleanse the body directly down to the tissues which if substantiated could in reality make it as a capable essential oil for alcohol addiction.Other oils that are used in holistic alcohol treatments are ginger oil, sandalwood oil and lemon oil.

Holistic Alcohol Treatment : Yoga

One of the talked about practice for holistic alcohol treatments is yoga. The ancient practice originated from India has been around since 3000 BC. It is now becoming a medium for spiritual, physical and mental wellness. When an individual is lost in alcohol abuse, he loses touch with his mind and body. With yoga, the person starts to become comfortable in his own skin. As stress is an inevitable part of alcohol addiction, yoga helps in reducing it. It can be beneficial in the early days of recovery where there is stress and emotional upheaval. This holistic alcohol treatment helps you to build your physical strength.

People who follow this practice build up a superb feeling of internal peace. They are cheerful more often than not and discover challenges in life simpler to adapt to. The advancement of this inner harmony is reason enough alone to take up this holistic alcohol treatment.

Holistic Alcohol Treatment : Meditative techniques

Meditation has been supported as a classified holistic alcohol treatment for alcohol addiction. The practice of quietening the mind rewires the critical pathways in the brain.  As stress and anxiety are triggers for relapse, meditation helps to reduce them. For anybody attempting to overcome alcohol addiction, meditation can be a helpful practice for opposing desires and keeping away from relapses. It’s not a turnkey answer for alcohol abuse, but rather it pairs well with the kind of treatments available in alcohol rehab centers. The quest for inner calm or detachment is what works for alcoholics to quit. The holistic alcohol treatment helps to recover their prime goals, distancing between themselves and their desire to drink.

Holistic Alcohol Treatment : Massage therapy

Massaging is another holistic alcohol treatment that helps in recovery from alcohol addiction. Massage therapy is using different bodywork techniques to relieve body tension and stress to calm the mind. The therapists press and knead the patient’s tissues, muscles, and trigger points with circular movements. Massage therapy can be included during the withdrawal or detoxification phase. As the therapist presses the skin, the largest sensory organ sends signals to the central nervous system. This results in release of dopamine and feelings of euphoria.

Receiving a good session of this holistic alcohol treatment can prove beneficial. A massage therapy helps to improve blood circulation and flush out toxins out of the body. Moreover, massaging decreases the production of the stress hormone, cortisol and helps in relaxed breathing. Kneading certain points on the body can also enhance the lymph system and reduce muscle pain. As recovery from addiction can fluctuate the mood, massage therapy helps to control them. People often feel happy and energetic after a good session of this holistic alcohol treatment.

Holistic Alcohol Treatment : Ayurveda

Another alternative type of holistic alcohol treatment from India is Ayurveda. The word, meaning “knowledge for long life” is one of the oldest forms of medicine. Ayurveda medicine is based on the philosophy that any health problems occur due to imbalances in the body. Hence, in order to recover, the imbalances must be dealt. By making lifestyle changes, spiritual practices, healthy diet or physical activity, these imbalances are settled. Ayurveda offers a number of benefits including improvement in physical, mental and spiritual health. The lifestyle changes suggested in this holistic alcohol treatment are generally sensible and help in recovery.

There is a belief to trust that something old must be better, and this thought can cause trouble if taken seriously. Even though western medicines might be younger than Ayurveda, it relies on hard evidences. It is not necessarily the case that Ayurveda approach has nothing to offer individuals in the modern age as a holistic alcohol treatment – just that it might be unwise to pick it as a substitution for western medicines.

Holistic Alcohol Treatment : Nutrition therapy

Another classified holistic alcohol treatment for alcohol addiction is nutrition therapy. Addiction can hamper the body not only directly but indirectly too. The real source of the problems usually is poor diet. This is true in the cases of alcoholics as they tend to replace meals with alcohol. While a person is in recovery, he might still face problems if not follow a healthy diet. This is where nutrition therapy comes to place as a holistic alcohol treatment and any nutritional deficiency can be rectified.

Proper nutrition and hydration are the key players in holistic alcohol treatment . This is because they help in improvement of physical and mental health and fasten the recovery process. Any deficiency in micro or macronutrients can trigger stress and depression which can result in relapse. Individualised nutrition programs and counselling has been proven to significantly improve the sobriety success rates.

To help someone recover from alcohol addiction, it is important to supply them with well balanced appropriate meals. Encouraging them to eat planned meals and snacks and to increase the level of physical activity will help address these issues and additionally add to stress management and sound sleep. This holistic alcohol treatment is best to maintain a healthy and a balanced diet to keep away from addiction.

Holistic Alcohol Treatment : Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese spiritual practice that originated in the twentieth century. It is now practiced as a holistic alcohol treatment around the world. The practice helps in promoting relaxation and encouragement of body’s natural healing mechanisms. The treatment usually involves palm healing where the therapists transfer energy through their palm. This holistic alcohol treatment is based on the philosophy that there is a life force Ki. If there is any problem in the flow of Ki, the body shows mental and physical symptoms. The goal of Reiki is to allow smooth flow of Ki in the body.

It is difficult for an individual to overcome alcohol addiction through this holistic alcohol treatment. But, it can benefit and fasten the process of recovery. Reiki helps to make the withdrawal symptoms feel less severe. Moreover, this practice helps in bringing back the individual to the path of healthy living. Reiki helps in release of negative emotions and help in reducing anger and resentment.

At the moment there is not enough research to prove the benefits of Reiki. However, there are plenty of anecdotal claims of people benefitted through this holistic alcohol treatment. An individual can benefit from the benefits of Reiki even if he doesn’t believe in Ki.

Holistic Alcohol Treatment : Hypnosis

Another holistic alcohol treatment that is gaining credibility is hypnosis. When under supervision of a qualified addiction counsellor, this treatment helps individuals who have already come through the initial phase of rehabilitation cope from recover.

It is to be noted that hypnosis is not a cure for the addiction but acts as a key role in comprehensive course of holistic alcohol treatment. Deep concentration is the pillar of hypnosis. It is particularly helpful for keeping the patients on right track. In order to make this practice beneficial, the individual receiving treatment needs to be sober. The toxins and dulling effects of alcohol affect the hypnotic trance. Therefore, hypnosis is an effective holistic alcohol treatment for preventing the individual from relapse rather than helping in quitting alcohol. It does not act as a solution to the problem of alcohol addiction but as reinforcement.

Holistic Alcohol Treatment : Light therapy

One of the drawbacks of alcohol addiction is sleep disorders. Those dependant on alcohol are likely to have poor sleep. Light therapy is another holistic alcohol treatment also known as phototherapy that involves exposure of artificial, bright light during waking hours. It is usually a treatment for seasonal affective disorder. The benefits of this holistic alcohol treatment are in two-folds. It improves the sleep cycle and prevents the chances of depression.

As people dealing with addiction are prone to depression, light therapy is considered to be a good alternative. It seems to have the ability to alleviate the symptoms of depression. The best part of this holistic alcohol treatment is that it is completely natural and non-chemical based way. These sessions also makes the individual feel soothing.

Typically in a light therapy session, you sit close to the light therapy box and do something near the light such as reading, sewing, eating, etc.  Even though this holistic alcohol treatment is considered safe, it is best advised to conduct this session under medical supervision.

Holistic alcohol treatments are available widely with different approaches. The most important part of choosing the treatment is finding one that will tailor treatment to meet your needs. Once you find the correct rehab center and the proper holistic alcohol treatment, try to visit the center if possible. As with any recovery program, you ought to assess all holistic rehab programs carefully to make sure the program you’re thinking about is appropriate for you.


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