How to Get Into Rehab Without Insurance


Finding a reasonable and excellent rehabilitation center in the United States is extremely difficult. As you know, there are thousands of substance abuse treatment centers and reducing the search can be a daunting task. However when it comes to rehabilitation, the first question that comes to mind is the cost. You might face various problems without insurance if it has lapsed or you are not working. Money should never be a deterring factor in getting a sober life. In fact, when we look at the benefits of a sober and healthy life, money is nothing ahead of it.

There are times when you will feel that you need treatment but you withdraw because of the problem of money. However, it would never be right if you stop yourself to go only due to lack of money. So, leave this concern as there are many options by which you can go to rehabilitation without insurance. Although, getting treatment without insurance can be difficult, with the help of several ways you can get the facilities of treatment that you need. In fact, we will help you in answering the question, how to get into rehabilitation center without insurance?

Strategies to pay the money for rehabilitation without insurance

Only a few people have enough money in the bank for paying on drug or alcohol addicting recovery. Otherwise, mostly people become bankrupt during the long-term treatments even if they are financially strong. The good news is that you can get the facilities of treatment with these strategies which are given below:

  • Financing agreement
  • Scholarships and grants
  • Subsidized coverage
  • Sliding scale
  • Borrowing the money from friends and relatives
  • Using emergency savings
  • Using cost-free tips
  • Using SAMHSA
  • Trying to get involved in cost-free rehab programs
  • Raising money

You can choose any of the following payment strategies

·         Financing agreement: Financing is known as the best option in time of trouble. Mostly, people use this option for treatment if they don’t have enough money for paying the recovery bills. It has been often seen that when an addicted individual struggling from addiction finds it difficult to stick to a job. Therefore, it becomes difficult for them to save the money for treatment. Financing provides full amount to customers. The addicted individual can get the amount as much as he or she wants for the treatment.

It sends the demanded amount from the bank to the rehabilitation center directly. They provide repayment scheme which is designed to fit your budget. You can pay the amount after completion of recovery easily.

In fact, your family member can also pay your amount. However, it is only possible once you are healthy. Moreover, the good news is that they design some special plans in which you can get 6 months more to find a new job.

For your help, there are many questions whose answers are very important. You should ask firstly:

  1. How long will I have to pay?
  2. How much will be paid every month?
  3. Has the interest been included in the total amount?
  4. Can I get extra time to pay?
  5. You should ask all terms and conditions of the financing.
  • Scholarships and grants: If you are struggling with addiction of any substance, then The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration which is known as SAMHSA provides grant for help who do not have money or health insurance. For more details you should read all the requirements on SAMHSA’s website and check whether you are qualified for getting the grant. Moreover, you should gather all information of recovery centers which are situated in your area. If they provide scholarship opportunities as well as experienced staff, that too without insurance, it will be more beneficial for you. There are several rehabilitation centers which are offering scholarship only to those who cannot pay treatment bills on their own.
  • Subsidized coverage: In many cases, it is found that there are many people who cannot afford health insurance for recovery. Consequently, recovery coverage is offered since they reduce premiums. In this way, addicted individuals can get the treatment easily. However for this, you will have to qualify according to the government’s requirements.
  • Sliding scale: Some recovery programs feel it is very hard to collect the money for treatment and it should be accessible to the needy. They are always ready to help you to create personalized cost so that you may get addiction free life with lower economic status.
  • Borrowing the money from friends and relatives: Borrowing money from friends and relatives can be a best option if you aren’t hesitant to ask money. Mostly, they want to help you and give you a positive chance. For that, you should explain the story of addiction to your friends and ask what makes them want you to enter in a rehabilitation center.
  • Using emergency savings: Every man collects money for future, either for a better home or old age. However if you are struggling with addiction, then you should look into your personal savings for recovery. Because becoming healthy is priceless. You should find that if you withdraw money before retirement, what kind of penalty you will have to pay.
  • Often, people consider house repair or losing job as emergency situations. However, treating addiction is equally important. Your personal savings may not be enough for your entire treatment but through it your cost can be reduced. If you do not treat your addiction due to fear of spending the savings, you might have to face the fear of breakdown of relationships and more negative thing that can happen. So, you should change your life around and realize that your investment is well-worth for treatment in comparison of personal savings.
  • Using cost-free tips: As you know, there are several tips for getting addiction free life that too without health insurance. However, choosing an option can’t be easy due to the advantages and disadvantages associated to it. Therefore, choosing a support group to overcome addiction can make you realize that those people don’t want anything other than your recovery.

In fact, they also give you important tips along with your treatment to prevent relapse. Some of the tips are given below:

  1. Avoid contact with addicted individuals and high-risk situations.
  2. Exercise regularly.
  3. Maintain relationships.
  4. Keep yourself busy with any hobby.
  5. Be honest with your addiction. Let the family know about it.
  6. Get involved in meditation and soothing activities.

SAMHSA:  Most addiction recovery programs are provided by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration in the United States. People can find it easily by the location. SAMHSA provides payment assistance and recovery programs on a sliding scale. Therefore, there is no need for health insurance. When you obtain a list of providers, you get their phone number as well as address to find out their services. Although you would be thinking that it is hard or may be impossible to find these organizations. However, about 76% providers offer payment assistance or sliding scale recovery but only for qualified individuals. Here are some options by which you can search SAMHSA database:

  1. Firstly, visit the SAMHSA recovery locator.
  2. If you want to find them in a radius around your location, then click on your location with your ZIP code.
  3. Your search can be reduced by using “select service button”.
  4. Search about different facilities available and contact each counselor.
  5. Their toll free no. is 1800-487-4889.
  • Get involved in free rehab programs: According to a study, there are many states that are providing funding for rehabilitation. For that, insurance or income is not required. However, there are a set of requirements for being a patient. They would want information about your income. In fact, they will also check your addiction level and inspect whether you really need intervention. If you are interested in this process, you should get in touch with their agency. Directory of Single State Agencies are also maintained by SAMHSA so that people may not disturb to determine whom to contact.  In addition to this, The Salvation Army is also a recovery center which offers free drug-alcohol rehabilitation services. It helps to those people who can’t recover from drug addiction and alcohol problems. It helps patients through spiritual, social and emotional ways.
  • Raising money: If you think all the above options are not suitable for you, in the end you can overcome addiction by finding a way to raise money. This can also include ways such as selling household items which you don’t need or asking for cash donations.
  • Selling personal items: As you know, health is wealth. Therefore when it comes to your health and want an addiction free life, your personal belongings do not matter. Do you like this option? If yes, you can sell any personal item on the internet even if it’s too expensive. In this way, without any external assistance, your treatment can be done.
  • Asking for cash donations: There are many organized campaigns for raising money if you do not want to ask people directly. You must create an account so that you get donations from others easily. You can also remain anonymous if you want. In some cases, you might have to offer incentives for those who donate for your addiction treatment.

Choose your rehab based on cost

In addition of above options, when you are searching for drug or alcohol rehabilitation program, it will be beneficial if you choose it based on the cost. For people who don’t know, inpatient treatment programs are more expensive than outpatient programs. If you don’t have enough money or health insurance, you should opt for a less expensive program.

Moreover, without consideration, if you waste money on the name of treatment program then it is not right. So choose the best one according to your requirement by which you can fulfill your need of recovery at discount.

Treatment cost can be affected by the facilities

Your treatment cost depends on rehabilitation facilities. Collect the information about rehabilitation facilities before entering, it will be beneficial. In fact, some rehab centers can provide maximum luxurious amenities but their recovery facilities may not be enough likely. As you know, you might have to pay extra for the facilities of extra amenities that are not in your favor. Therefore, you should think about fewer amenities and services for a cost effective treatment.

  1. Luxury programs: In this program, residential addiction recovery is offered. Their staff works on 24/7 basis. The reason they are called a luxury program is because they offer wide range facilities. In fact, their facilities are like a resort. They try to make your treatment as comfortable as possible to avoid any problems during treatment.
  2. Executive programs: This rehab program also works in almost the same way. It also provides residential addiction recovery on wide range facilities. They also make their experienced staff active during the recovery period.
  3. Standard rehabilitation: This type is very common. It is available for either an inpatient or an outpatient addiction recovery. In case you cannot join it, the services are also offered at your home. The good news is that their addiction recovery can be high standard but the cost will be lower. In addition, they will offer accommodations but with fewer amenities.

Learn more to save money before going into rehabilitation center

In many cases it has been seen that many people are not able to submit the payment in advance. But they do not need to be upset. There is a contract of payment schedule. When you sign it, the contract becomes valid for all rehabilitation centers.

For other information, you can contact on toll free no. 1800-662-4357. They will help you in finding the best treatment center without insurance so that you may get a chance of successful treatment.


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