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Cocaine works as a stimulant which at start affects the brain. However, because of interference with neurochemicals, it makes our desires high. Today near about 15% people have become addicted of cocaine in U.S. The number of Native American adults who use cocaine is even higher. The annual rate of increase is by 0.3%.

Cocaine was a good drug for increasing energy, willingness and confidence but up to some extent. However, because of some situations people started using it in more quantity and eventually became addicted to it.

The good news here is that if you have decided to quit cocaine, it is possible. There are people who want to quit it themselves whereas some think it is difficult to do so. However, with the help of a professional you can overcome this addiction easily. But it is also a fact that if you have a strong will, you can cure this health problem yourself. The point is to realize the condition of your family, your future and all which you are compromising.

As we all know, there are lots of recovery techniques used by professionals. Nevertheless, it can be hard to take medication or professional help due to many reasons. From depositing money for treatment to having to get admitted in a rehab center for 3-4 months, it can take a toll on you. Moreover, you might face the problem of relapse. As someone said, success comes from struggle. Then why not overcome addiction yourself?

If you are new to this addiction and you have recently known the bad effects of it, you might need some tips for quitting cocaine. Here are some easy steps for solving your problem. However, the point to be kept in mind is that you must have pursuance for each step.

Despite knowing the fact, every addict develops a compulsion for over dose. After taking drugs, they become unaware of the various physical or psychological side effects. Due to this, their personal relationship comes under pressure. So, it becomes necessary to know which reasons are responsible for becoming addicted:

Psycho-social causes for cocaine addiction

  1. It makes you feel better than before.
  2. The pressure of others can be a cause.
  3. After using it, addicts feel they belong to others.
  4. With the help of it, they think that they can face all problems of life.
  5. It makes them excited when living in a difficult situation.

Physical cause for cocaine addiction

  1. Neurochemistry of the brain makes your cravings high.
  2. Existence of the drug in the brain makes the brain become restricted to it.
  3. Many drugs induce for hardiness because of which an addict wants to use it again to control the situation.
  4. In some cases, drug addiction is inherited. The family history shows evidence

Methods of using cocaine and their effect

Every method of cocaine use for intoxication is dangerous. You should always remember that high levels of cocaine have always ended in despair.

Injected cocaine

In this method, the cocaine is injected into the bloodstream. Injecting cocaine is considered more harmful as it works only for 5-10 minutes. This shorter duration increases the desire for the drug which eventually makes them crave for more.

Snorting cocaine

Snorting cocaine is when taken through the nose. However, this process can delay the effect on the body but works for up to 25-30 minutes. However, after sometime, you can experience losing sense of smell, bleeding from the nose and face problems in swallowing.

If used in combination with other substances, like cocaine and alcohol, it can be more injurious to health.

There are a lot of questions which needs to be answered when talking about cocaine addiction. Which method is used by the individual as it decides how much drug gets into the brain? How fast it increases and what is the level of cocaine rise and fall in the brain? For example, when you smoke in a group, it results in fluctuation of drug level in the brain. This process increases the level of drug intensely and we become a victim to addiction.

Because of long term cocaine abuse, you can face various problems

  1. In the beginning, you might use it for a positive effect such as, for getting relaxation or in the feeling of pain but the positive effect only stays for a short period. After sometime, your brain starts demanding euphoria which leads to addiction. This can result in violence and involve you into a verbal controversy. It can bring changes to your behavior, for eg, a shy person can become talkative after taking drugs.
  2. Regular use of illicit drugs can change the way your body and mind works. You might experience tiredness, anger or irritation. In some cases, addicts have also become victims of hallucination. In fact, it hijacks your memory. Moreover, you can lose sense of smell and face other problems such as insomnia, depression, headache, panic attack, nosebleeds, vomiting, anxiety, swallowing and out of all, financial problems.

How to stop cocaine use?

Now when you know all the side effects of cocaine addiction, would you like to eradicate this addiction from your life on your own? For your help, we provide you with some tips to quit this addiction by self:

  1. Determination for quitting: The first and the most important requirement is your determination for quitting. Whenever any family member or a friend makes you admit in a rehabilitation center, it shows your compulsion. Because of which, after treatment you face the problem of relapse.
    Due to addiction, you can leave your family but will not be able to quit the drug. Moreover, you fight with death many a times; nevertheless you cannot make a simple decision by which you can save your life.
    Your recovery depends on your mind. If you are motivated to work within your capability, then no external force can stop you from getting sobriety. Before anything gets worsened, you must act on it now. Every addict can make it possible by determination.
  2. Give reward to yourself: This step will encourage you more. When you spend a day without cocaine, then this award will make you feel better. You should involve your family member or friends to give it for your sobriety. It makes your recovery easy.
  3. Avoid addicted people and situations: Try to make new friends who do not use illicit drugs. It is a known fact that people who use drugs force all who are close to them. Therefore, if you want a sober life, you will have to make distance from them. Avoid places where drugs are used. Avoid inducement or join a support group. Make sure to take part in outdoor activities. For a healthy life, spend more time indulging in your hobbies and with good people. Enjoy all activities and try to be happy with new friends.
  4. Keep yourself busy: Always try to keep yourself busy as possible without getting tired. If you want to protect yourself, you should plan some work or activities. It will be better if you involve other friends in this activity for utilizing time. Your day should be full of events. This plan will help you eradicate the problem in an easy way and you will learn more with this strategy.
  5. Do not give up: As we all know, intoxication can make a lot of changes in your personality. If a person has to quit drugs, he has to fight with various problems in spite of that.
    The problems range from fighting depression, fear of breaking relationships, loneliness, anger, insomnia, fear of breaking social interaction, afraid of using drugs again and more. But do not think of giving up as no one is completely perfect. For being perfect, you have to solve all the problems without intoxication. Moreover, you have to forget all the past things.
  6. Involve in a support community: Recovering from drug use is a great victory. For achieving this victory, involve with those who have quit this addiction. Enroll in a recovery center or any other community. The support you receive will be beneficial if it is from an accomplished rehabilitation. Stay with them and let them help you.
  7. Don’t over work: If you feel stress due to work, it stimulates your cravings. Do your work happily and try to be stress free. Being happy makes all the troubles easier. If you feel stressed at any time, then take a break. Involve yourself in activities that makes you feel good such as watching comedy movies, enjoying your hobby, playing game etc.
  8. Don’t stop it suddenly: Many people decide to stop using drugs suddenly. However, it is not only bad for your body but also mental health. There are more possibilities of getting relapsed. To avoid this, you should try to decrease the quantity of cocaine by a little. Sobriety can be achieved by reducing dose daily or weekly. By this procedure, your body and brain will become ready to quit cocaine.
  9. Try to eat and sleep more: I know you will think it as an odd suggestion. But it is a fact that will help in reducing hard drugs. When anyone tries to quit cocaine, they face the problem of insomnia. This restlessness then incites them for intoxication again. Therefore, to avoid this problem, you should only eat healthy food. Also, ensure a sufficient sleep because of which your cravings can be reduced as you spend a lot of time in sleeping. This can make your recovery easier.
  10. Apologize to yourself and others: This is a bitter fact about usage of drugs as it harms the users and whoever is close to them. If you apologize for any mistakes you made during addiction, your family or friends will support you more. Moreover, forgive the mistakes of the past and improve your present.
  11. Always keep reminder with you: Your reminder can be a ring, watch or anything. You should always keep it with you. Whenever you think of taking cocaine, it can remind you to make distance from the same.
  12. Meditation, exercise and yoga: After using cocaine, your cravings are increased for happiness. However, by exercise you can feel naturally happy. Maintain a schedule for waking up early in the morning. Further, meditation makes your mind stress free as stimulation is reduced due to calm mind. Exercise and increase in appetite are ways by which you will eat healthy food. This will also help to sleep without intoxication. Hence, these activities play a significant role in the life of addicted people.
  13. Family Support: Cocaine increases the difficulties of being with a family. But to fight addiction, family involvement is not only helpful but necessary. When an addict feels the pressure during recovery, family’s presence helps in continuing the process. During this process, patient becomes closer to the family. Henceforth, family involvement makes their difficulties easier.

What are the benefits of quitting cocaine?

Consider the benefits of quitting cocaine:

You will see a lot of changes in your body and behavior when you stop the usage of cocaine. After quitting cocaine, the body starts to heal itself. It begins the detoxification process and the blood pressure comes to normal by itself. Moreover, the problem of insomnia will convert in sound sleeping. You can also lose body weight after quitting by joining yoga or fitness classes. Over dose can also damage your liver and you are likely to face heart diseases or panic attack. However, quitting the drug can reduce the risk of these health issues.

Someone once said success comes from struggle. The struggle to quit cocaine can be overcome by the thought of the success. The recovery from this addiction makes your memory start working and revival of respect from people in the society. Furthermore, you save wealth as well as health and enjoy your sober life than intoxication.

As folks say, ‘kill two birds with one stone’


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