How to treat Morphine Addiction


Morphine is a chemical component in opium which is been used since 1803. It is obtained from natural sources and is made by chemical changes. Usually known as a powerful pain reliever that is widely used by people, its ill effects are not discussed. Earlier, this drug was used by doctors for clinical purposes or was widely used to reduce cancer pain and post-surgery pain. However, now people use this drug illegally only for fulfilling their recreational purpose. Moreover, the need to certify morphine as highly addictive substance is needed if not used properly. Nowadays, people have become addicted to morphine without any emergency or even when medical situations are normal. Eventually, things become complicated and start bothering them more. If a person uses this powerful drug, he/she would need restraint as well as additional protection to avoid complications.

It is a matter of great sadness that morphine addiction has increased rapidly since the last century. The National Survey of Drug Use and Health submitted a report in 2007 that near about 22 million Americans aged between 12 to 65 needed medical help to get rid of this drug. It was claimed that nearly 20 million people died due to not receiving any assistance. Some of them failed to get morphine addiction treatment and the rest of the people did not want to quit addiction.

Some statistics from the report of Center for Disease Control that makes us wonder is given below:

  • The use of analgesic is increasing in males 20-64 years of age who are below the poverty line.
  • Morphine use has also increased death rates.
  • 9 people have been admitted for quitting morphine addiction.
  • 37 people have been found in emergency rooms due to drug addiction.
  • 470 people are always active with morphine, without any emergency.

When people are addicted to morphine, it does not leave them easily until they do not fight against it. But some people do not find it possible. Although it is a bit tricky, but it is very important to have control over yourself if you want to recover from morphine addiction. Fortunately, it is proved that in today’s era, help options are very close and easily available to an individual than in past few years. When you search for help options for morphine addiction treatment, you will get a lot of options such as detoxification, therapy treatments and it also provides information about how sobriety can be maintained in order to avoid relapse problem.

Morphine’s street name, its use and abuse

Due to its ability to ease the pain, morphine’s effect have increased in people. To avoid this, it is important for people to know its real and fake names. Morphine is sold in the market as MSIR®, MS-Contin®, Roxanol®, RMS®, Oramorph SR® and Kadian®. Some street names have also been exposed for morphine such as Mister Blue, First Line, Dreamer, Morf, MS and Morpho which were injected into the bloodstream usually in past decades. But nowadays morphine is taken in pill form. When people repeat this form frequently then their brain starts demanding for euphoria due to which their need for excessive dose increases. Its direct effect falls on dopamine which plays the role of brain’s messenger that makes the central nervous system receive signals. These signals make a man feel happy, sleepy and excited to  learn and do activities. If you increase the level of dopamine with opium intervention, the brain stops producing it normally. After some time, opium level drops due to which problems of depression, insomnia, and anxiety is experienced. This is why an individual needs morphine addiction treatment.

After getting morphine addiction, these are various side effects that people have to face:

  • Problem of blood pressure
  • Constipation
  • Skin problem
  • Poor circulation
  • Feeling of nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Breathing problem
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Insomnia

Morphine addiction treatment

It is important to know where to go for morphine addiction treatment. Firstly, your community is the best option for getting help. Initially, you should consult your family doctor and talk to any family member. Morphine addiction treatment can also be referred by clinical social workers.

In addition, there are two ways for getting morphine addiction treatment. The first is psychotherapy and the second is through medical assistance. Therefore, several options are included in both for getting morphine addiction treatment such as:

Medical assistance for getting morphine addiction treatment:

Morphine addiction treatment centers: The treatment centers are mainly designed to help the addicted individuals by offering specialized care. They include you in various programs and the good news is that some treatment centers require only a month for recovery. Therefore, if you participate in a formal treatment program, you can get chance of sober life after getting morphine addiction treatment. There are various options given below for morphine addiction treatment:

  • Morphine addiction treatment with detoxification: As you know, morphine addiction is a severe problem for withdrawal. Therefore, morphine addiction treatment is usually started by detoxification. Medical detoxification is considered to be the most widely used treatment for morphine addiction. This process is offered in a specialized facility. However, you might have to opt for a residential program as long as the opium does not come out of the body. During the detoxification, people may feel sweating, high heart rate, weakness and also insomnia. What matters is morphine addiction should be slowly reduced by this procedure in order to avoid such negative reactions. Withdrawal through medical detox can also be managed through medications so that your cravings may also be stopped and your struggle of morphine addiction treatment can be ended quickly.  
  • Inpatient programs for morphine addiction treatment: It offers 24 hours inspection with nursing and psychiatric professionals who offer specialized care for morphine addiction treatment. However, it includes healthy activities and behavioral intervention with individual therapy. It also provides many support group services in a day for morphine addiction treatment.
  • Outpatient programs who want morphine addiction treatment: This is also an option to relieve morphine addiction. If you choose it, you will have to attend the rehab center for 3 sessions in a week. All the services provided are according to patient’s needs. However, outpatient programs offer same options of recovery as inpatient programs. However, this program will be beneficial for those who are struggling with serious problems due to morphine addiction and for them who have been interrupted due to relapse after morphine addiction treatment.
  • Group counseling for morphine addiction treatment: People should participate in group counseling which inspires them in the early stages of addiction. This motivates them by telling morphine addiction treatment is possible. In addition, group counseling offers the opportunity of interaction with other people about health and problem of morphine addiction. This option should be chosen for your morphine addiction treatment so that you may get help for changing bad habits.
  • Morphine addiction treatment with individual counseling: This is a pattern of learning new ways of thinking by which people can treat themselves after breaking the bond of compulsion for excessive dose of morphine. It involves Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which helps in overcoming the craving by which your morphine addiction treatment can be easy.
  • Aftercare: Aftercare is given after the completion of morphine addiction treatment. This is the most required component if you want long-term recovery or relapse prevention. But it is provided only by morphine addiction treatment centers after the completion of recovery. It is an important option because people may suffer from relapse due to stress or other challenging situations after treatment. Therefore, you should attend it for relapse prevention.

Some other options are included in psychotherapy for morphine addiction treatment.

  • Behavioral therapy for morphine addiction treatment: Behavior therapy has been proven as the best option in morphine addiction treatment, especially when it involves CBT and Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT). CBT will help in addressing the non-adaptive emotions, malicious behavior and the cognitive process. With the help of REBT people can solve emotional and behavioral issues for an addiction free life. This makes the morphine addiction treatment successful as it motivates people for determination to change bad habits.
  • Morphine addiction treatment by acupuncture: Acupuncture is used as a reliever for healing morphine addiction which was commonly started in India and China. In this process, thin solid needles are inserted into specific parts of the body in order to recover various disorders. Acupuncture professionals believe in natural energy for a healthy body. People who get sick due to slight interruption in this energy is due to morphine addiction as it affects vital energy evidently. Therefore, they work on the vital energy for maintaining the balance in health. In addition, it plays a significant role in morphine addiction treatment along with the ability to relieve pain. Therefore, you should try it to make morphine addiction treatment successful.

How does it work for morphine addiction treatment?

  • With acupuncture, 50% muscular pain can be reduced.
  • According to the MRI study, acupuncture regulates the pain and emotion of the brain.
  • Due to acupuncture, circulation in all body parts increases and it enhances the stimulation.
  • It makes you feel good by releasing endorphins so that your morphine addiction treatment is not interrupted.  
  • Massages can help in getting morphine addiction treatment: When people find that they have become addicted to opiate, they try to get other licit prescriptions as painkillers from the doctor. These are used continuously, even though the disorders are still not completely recovered. Mostly doctors prescribe only painkillers for morphine addiction treatment which are usually not helpful. Therefore, with the help of massage, all types of chronic pain can be removed easily without any side effects. In addition, it provides relaxation to the brain in stressful situations and connects the mind and body together by pressing specific points. Therefore, you should daily get massaged because it helps to cure physical and mental disorders and treat morphine addiction.   
  • Exercise will make morphine addiction treatment easier: Exercise is known as the best option for producing natural feel like dopamine and endorphins which offer original opiates. If you want to get natural feel, you should exercise vigorously during morphine addiction treatment. You can place stronger physical demand for getting the greater release of dopamine by which morphine addiction craving can be reduced. So you should exercise regularly for getting some other benefits for morphine addiction treatment such as:
  • Exercise decreases the physical and psychological stress.
  • After some time, the problem of insomnia and depression recovers itself.
  • When people participate in physical activities, it produces high level of endorphins, through this, all emotions can be felt.
  • Morphine addiction treatment through meditation: Meditation is the most effective activity in morphine addiction treatment. It makes people feel good, offer high stimulation in which train your brain without intoxication. Meditation is most significant for your morphine addiction treatment by satisfying your strong cravings. Your meditative mind will observe the coming and going of craving so that it may stop them eventually. Moreover, people who involve in meditation from 2 to 3 months continuously are surprised to find that 80% use of morphine is reduced than before. Thus, your morphine addiction treatment can be completed successfully. You might be thinking that how is it possible? Meditation encourages your immune system for struggling with insomnia, anxiety, depression, and craving continuously. In addition, it also transforms your central nervous system.
  • Determine your purpose of morphine addiction treatment: Opioid withdrawal and process of detoxification may be difficult without your determination. Your determination is the most important requisite for morphine addiction treatment. It prepares you for any process. When you are motivated and know why you want to get rid of this addiction, then your recovery becomes easier and you will learn new ways for morphine addiction treatment. Moreover, with the help of this, you can also find the option which is really beneficial for you during morphine addiction treatment.
  • However, people can choose any option according their needs but the struggle is very important for morphine addiction. When you recover this addiction, your brain starts working normally and revival of respect from people in the society. The good news is that after getting sobriety, due to morphine addiction treatment, you can save money even with health.


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