Top 10 Rehabilitation Centers in Carolina


Today lots of people have affected from addiction of drug and alcohol. If you admit in treatment center at a time, you will be fine. There are lots of very good drug and alcohol rehab center in Carolina, for your convenience, we have brought the series of best rehabilitation centers in the Carolina. These centers may seem identical but they are unique and dissimilar from each other like some rehab centers in Carolina are offering resident facility for both adults and children, on one side some rehab centers offers housing that you can live as long as you want but on other side some provides the resident only for treatment. In addition, you can choose it upon criteria of staff, food, accommodation and environment. So look at the list of 10 best drug and alcohol rehabilitation center of Carolina below:

Four Circles Recovery Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

Four Circles Recovery Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center gives a pleasant environment for preventing an addict in Horse Shoe in North Carolina. This rehab center plays a role of guidance for both men and women between 18-28. As its name is Four Circles, it works of recovery in four ways-physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This recovery center uses Wilderness-therapy program in modern way. It heals your body with diagnostic program and with the help of long trip heals mental disorders.

Treatment and Staff

This rehab center offers 60 days plan for treatment but if patient is in critical condition then he or she can stay for 5 months. They do not use of Detoxification program till now but they use both gender specific and wilderness based programs. Women spend 2-5 days while men spend 2 weeks in the forests.

You are free in going anywhere. Group therapy and personalized program are held four times in week. This rehab center provides relapse prevention program after treatment and requires family program one time in a week.

For giving a sober life to patient it uses interview and art therapy prior to discharge. They provide 12 step programs and life skill program with experienced therapists.

Staff will not obligate you for any activities. They work in a series and give a gift of sober life with their experience and skilled staff.

Accommodation and Food

This rehab center is built up in lap of nature and provides single story, wooden houses for 18 patients. Because of natural light there are less necessary of electric light. Bedrooms are so spacious that 4 patients can live at a time and it assigns single bed you can keep your belongings in it. Though cell phone and Facebook are not allowing in the rehab center however TV is allowed during movie night.

This rehab center uses adventure-based theory in which patients may spend 15 days in the wild and every member of group bakes the food tern wise. Not only this, you have to clean the camp in group also by which you will learn way of communicate and will learn finish your work yourself.

They focus on your physically fitness thus you have to do all physically activities like hiking, running, cooking and so on.


  1. $32000.00 for two months

For getting sober life call on 877-893-2221

Wilmington Treatment Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

Wilmington Treatment Drug and Alcohol  Rehab Center is situated at Wilmington, Carolina owned by CRC Health Group, It helps all men and women who are affected by addiction of drug and alcohol. This rehab center has been working for 20 years. With the help of various therapies and activities they improve your health, feeling, thought thus you can attain sober life.

Rehab Center Treatment and Staff

Wilmington Treatment Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center is known for Detoxify Program which is available for 24 hours thus it is a process in which skilled counselor prevent the toxic from your body but if you do not want to use this program they assigns Individualized Treatment for your recovery.

Staff assigns Group Therapy for two days and offering Co-Occurring disorders which observes your addiction’s main cause because it can be in depression, anxiety, loss, hurt, eroticism.

This rehab center offers some educational lectures in which you will learn aftercare and relapse prevention and assigns music therapy in clinical building. There is availability of inpatient and outpatient program.

Family program is held on Saturday for 2 hours in which all family member, friends, and relatives can take part and learns the effect of drug and alcohol addiction.

Rehab Center Facilities

This rehab center is located near Cape Fear River, in 4 acre. In this rehab center you are free to live with men or women, it can admit 100 patients at a time and gives one room for two patient but keep watch for your convenience, rehab center provides TV, internet, spacious room in which nightstand, separate cupboard, share toilet and so on. In main lounge you can sit in group for discussion. Kitchens are full with various items of food. The food is baked by certified workers according your choice, outer dish is not allowed. All physically activities and entertainment programs are available.


  • $9000.00 per month.

Arrived here by 877-762-3750 (24/7 available).

Freedom Farm Ministries Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

Freedom Farm Ministries Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center is situated at Boone in North Carolina. This treatment center is working from 2007. This is a Christian rehabilitation center which is working only for men who are suffering from the addiction of drug and alcohol. Their main focus on growing a relation with Jesus and for that they makes study of Bible when you will be graduate they will shift you in another house

Treatment and Staff

This rehab treatment center based on long term program in which firstly they admit 8 men in safe house and gives instruction to study Bible at Restoration House. It related to spiritual power and prevents them with individual counseling program. When you have completed this stage they use detoxify program on men who suffered chemical dependency. This treatment rehab center work on faith based therapy when your condition is improved they send you for Discipleship Living Rehab Center, it takes 6 months and assigns Bible study, life skill program in which you can learn education, business management and so on

Because of fewer patients they focus on patient individually they work on 6:1 ratio with trained, spiritual counselors and expert therapist.


This treatment rehab center assigns 55 beds over seven houses, drivers are available 24 hours for patients and cook prepares the food for three times. There are single story and spacious house which provides all facility.


  1. This rehab center does not accept insurance.
  2. Contact on 828-548-1425 at any time and receive long time sobriety.

Two Dreams Outer Banks Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

Two Dreams Outer Banks is situated in luxurious environment at Corolla. This rehab center works on 90 days program and preventing your addiction of drug and alcohol with individualized recovery. It uses various theories like frequency assessment, spiritual method in co-occurring disorders, therapeutically diagnosis, controlling substance abuse and prolonged care and so on. Not only this, they provide inpatient program for adults. But facility of detoxification is not available in this rehab center.

Treatment and Staff

Firstly starts the recovery with individualized plan in which counselor observes the underlying cause of drug and alcohol addiction. This rehab center is famous for their unique recovery with 12 step programs; it works in three stages and 3-7-3 model.

On one side, it heals your body and on other side provides mindfulness program in which you will feel mentally relax, like swimming, fishing, skating and more.

Staff believes in real life recovery thus you have to stay for 90 days and will get sober living program with diverse fitness programs.

Accommodation and Food

In spectacular environment patient feels extremely happiness because here you will feel like your home. There are 10 beds availability with share and private rooms. They encourage the addict for fitness program. Cook is available for preparing your food on site. When you are freed from therapies you can play game, watch TV and use internet.


This recovery rehab center offers the treatment  for $40,000.00 for 30 days. As it is a private rehab center, accepts some insurance plan. The staff ensure maximum insured amount with insurance companies.

  1. The rehab center has received 3.4 stars out of 5
  2. Don’t waste your time, dial 708-934-4296

Pavillon Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

This drug and alcohol rehab center is located at Mill Spring, Carolina for both men and women. They use substance abuse program in which they heal chronic addiction and co-occurring disorders. For your recovery they work with 12 step program, inpatient and outpatient program. Detoxification program is available for adults. It is a private and non-profit rehab center which promotes the patients who have gone in mire of addiction and provide relapse prevention.

Therapies and programs

  1. Detoxification
  2. 12 step plan
  3. Inpatient and outpatient
  4. Professional program
  5. Women’s program
  6. Extended care program
  7. Family program
  8. Adult program
  9. Group therapy
  10. Co-occurring disorders therapy
  11. Relapse prevention therapy

With the help of these therapies and programs, the professionals protect your life from drug and alcohol addiction and give an addiction free life with lasting sobriety. In family program, your family members involve in awareness program and learn various topics on addiction.

Professional program are held by skilled and licensed counselors in which they prevent relapse problem after treatment.

Adult program is in favor of adult who are 18-28, it takes place for two days in week under observation of counselors.


It is an attractive and woodsy house which admits 60 patients at a time and assigns gender separate facility. It surrounded by forest and waterfalls. Private bedroom is not available but fitness room, creative art room and all therapies rooms are available on site. You can use open yard for various games and group activity. All food like veg. and non-veg. are available in this drug and alcohol rehab center, they prepare food according your age and taste.


  1. This rehab center accept insurance plan for the facility of compensation.
  2. Its overall rated 4.3 stars.
  3. For more detail dial 828-293-4108.

The Ernest E. Kennedy Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

The Ernest E. Kennedy Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center is situated at Moncks Corner, Carolina for adult. It works as non-profit organization. This rehab center offers outpatient and inpatient, outpatient program works for those adult who live in home at night time. Evidence based theory is used for treating your mind and body with 12 step program.

Treatment and Staff

As you know EEKC treats adult who has affected from drug and alcohol, it is not easy but they made it easy by multi phase CENAPS model, this model is divided in six parts which are Transition, Immobilization, Early treatment, middle treatment, last treatment, Protection.

Group therapy completes in one and half month in this session it assigns addiction education and CBT skill, both works in perfect way for increasing your skill for every stage of life. They admit patient in this rehab center no more than 12 and take care of them by individualized therapy which is used once a week.

EEKC has a co-occurring disorder therapy, your addiction can be happen by depression, anxiety, hurt and eroticism and so on, with this therapy counselor explores underlying cause and treat the patient, it hold twice a week.

12 step programs at EEKC are held for several weeks for those who are extremely affecting.


This rehab center offers variation about cost. They will guide you about payment before entry because it based on, how long you will stay, which facilities are used and more.

Thus contact on 843-761-8272 for more

Any Length Recovery Community

Any Length Recovery Community is a new, private and gender specific rehab center which establish in 2012 in Sumter and owned by Robert White. It is a drug and alcohol addiction recovery rehab center, you have to stay at rehab center for 6 months minimum, and it depends on you that how long you want to stay. It will be beneficial if you stay long. In this duration counselors will use various therapies on you and you will enjoy all activities and you will learn addiction education efficiently.

Treatment and Staff

ALRC depends on punctuality; they work in a series and assure you they will help in the duration of recovery. Before admittance, you should try to live with sobriety because it will help you in rehab center when they use black out period for first month in which you must obey the rule of abstinence. This time can be tough but counselors will treat of your addiction with individual therapy.

With spiritual therapy, they began of day with meditation and prayer from 6:30 to 7am. Remainder therapies and activities are held 8am to 3pm, including 12 step programs, relapse prevention, family program and detoxification.

Staff also will help you to obey punctuality, this rehab center allows only certified and skilled therapist. They believe in real life recovery thus you should cooperate of them during recovery in order to receive a healthy life.

Accommodation and Food

There are living two men and one women but the rehab center is affable for 13 men and eight women.

They take care of individual needs; they provide furnished and comfortable room with toilet and kitchen. There swimming pool is available for women and gym also for men.


  1. They assign low-priced recovery and cost is $775-$825 only but does not accept insurance.
  2. Dial 432-352-8667 for finding any recovery

Oxford House Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

Oxford House Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center is an old center and has various branches over 700 all over the nation. This house founded in 1975 and now it is situated at Rock Hill in Carolina. It is a famous organization for their recovery of addiction of drug and alcohol. All men and women are allowed for treatment and spatially focus in helping mothers who has children. This organization treats the patient with 12 step program and gives you a sober life.

Treatment and staff

This rehab center plays different role in the recovery than others rehab center. With the help of abstinence and recovery program they provide long lasting sobriety. 12 step programs are held for last two months and it will help you in removing your addiction of drug and alcohol. They use inpatient and outpatient program, first for those who lives in rehab center and second is provided who stay at home at night. They believe in long term based recovery, you can stay as long as you want. Staff will treat you with various recovery programs and only experienced staff involves in detoxify program. They use women’s program in which not only work on addiction but also learn them various activities related to house wife.


There are calm and luxurious environment in Rock Hill. They fulfill your all requirement with the help of individualized program excluding food. In this organization you are fully responsible for your clothes and meal. In addition, you can enjoy spacious and spectacular rooms with kitchen, toilet, front and rear courtyard.


  1. The cost of recovery is $500.00 only for a month.
  2. Facility of insurance is not available.

Dial 800-689-6411 for more help.

Hazel Pittman Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

Hazel Pittman Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center is located at Chester since 1974 and work as non-profit rehab center in Carolina. This Rehab center is opened for teenagers and adults and with the help of education, prevention and recovery program they will help you in achieving goal of addiction free life. By using New Direction Program which is held twice a week they encourage you and help to eradicate the main cause of drug and alcohol addiction.


  1. Outpatient service
  2. Inpatient program
  3. New direction program
  4. Group and individualized therapy
  5. Four days family program
  6. Relapse prevention
  7. 12-step program


For giving a best recovery they can make admittance 15 patients of drug and alcohol addiction at a time thus because of fewer patient they can focus on each patient by individual therapy. With the help of family program they encourage you and also your family, friends for learning effect of addiction on their body and mind. Moreover, they focus on outpatient service which is held for teenagers and adults twice a week.


  1. Luxurious environment
  2. Private and share room
  3. Kitchen, toilet available
  4. Food is not provided
  5. Certified and national level therapist
  6. Group and life skilled activities


  1. They provide recovery on various cost
  2. $65.00 per day for outpatient program
  3. $100.00 per day for personalized therapy

Thus, to know more details about payment and more dial 803-377-8111


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