Rehabilitation Services for the Blind


Rehabilitation Services for the Blind Purpose

Their main purpose is to generate opportunities for the blind. Rehabilitation team provides various services for blind and visually impaired people so that they may get occupational success.

Occupational Rehabilitation

Blind and visually impaired people are joining in the rehabilitation center for developing their employment. In this team can be involved counselor, supervisor, educator, mobile expert. Visually impaired does not need to interrupt for successful job. They can achieve success by occupational rehabilitation.

Achievement by means of employment

A lot of people who are blind working throughout the nation. With the help of professional activities, these workers do various work. They work as advocate, instructor, computer programmer, handicraftsman, receptionist, mechanic, medical translator, waiter and more. Rehabilitation helps of blind people in productivity also.

Counseling and instruction

RSB can choose a rehab team for blind help which will assess their capabilities for suitable vocation.

Services at rehabilitation

Vocational rehabilitation offers various treatment, assessment, life skill program, travel practice, occupational practice, continuing education program for school and college. Their services are community based and for blind’s improvement. They include supportive employment, job development and also offer adaptive technology. They offer numerous services free of charge.


It provides both options even if it related to life skill activities or occupational training. They make you capable for a particular job or business. Individual needs will be fulfilled by RSB services. They offer various services which include supervisor, instructor, mobile expert, machinist, handicraftsman, advocate and more. When it comes to training, travel training and occupational training are provided.

Job Placement

When a blind person will able for job, rehabilitation team will assist in finding the job. For blind

Help, they can include job commencement, job interview art and counselors. The counselor guides them for maintaining job because they may face difficulty due to blindness.

Technological help

They offer various technical works for promoting blind’s skill in employment; therefore, there most sophisticated computers are used for converting print to speech. RSB staff will help of blind in choosing suitable appliances for work. Their staffs are well-informed about appliances according their blindness.

Contact Information

If you have any interest and want to know more about services, you can contact on toll free no. 1800-592-6004.

Independent Living Rehab Program

As you know, most rehabilitation centers are working for blind, in addition, Independent Living Rehabilitation Program provides the services for visually impaired who are not able to read. RSB has instructor who gives the instruction to blind with technical method. Their purpose is to make them independent in life. Most people are not blind from birth therefore some techniques are provided to continue the things which has done in past time and around their house.

Some more services are given below:

  • Techniques of cooking, stitching and house cleaning are taught.
  • Braille service for reading and their entertainment.
  • For safe journey, some instructions are given.
  • Counseling for their improvement.
  • Educational service for blind children and adolescents. This service is provided free of charge.
  • Services are offered for those people who suffer from eyesight disorders such as:
  • Macular degeneration: These types of disorders are found in older people when their central vision is lost. Because of this, they are become unable to recognize faces and face difficulty in reading.
  • Cataracts: Lens clouding can be different in shape and density. In this disease, you can face the problem of glare and unclear vision.
  • Glaucoma: This disease can happen in eye by increasing pressure and you may lose your side vision.
  • Blindness in diabetes: In diabetes, blood vessels can leak in your eye. It can cause loss of eyesight. You must make check up eye to specialist daily.


Home Management

Initially, blind people have to work hard in rehab center, but after sometime, everything is learned. Under home management, you will learn stitching, embroidery, recognize currency, house cleaning and maintenance, recognize medications, make-up and cooking.


Braille plays most significant role in reading, labeling and keeping personal record for blind. You can dial a phone. Their sophisticated equipment helps in writing. With the help of new techniques, a blind person can make easy life.

Counseling and instruction

This is a way to understand their feeling and bring out fear from blind’s mind. Rehabilitation instructor promotes confidence and changes people’s attitude about blind. Teacher helps in learning new methods and techniques which are used in daily life of blind.

Other activities

Despite being blind, they can prepare any type of food with developing method, can read the recipes and food instruction, thereafter meal preparation is become easy for them. When it comes to entertainment, blind people can enjoy cards, bingo and more game in Braille. They can play board games in large print.

Travel can be difficult for blind but here long white stick and instruction is provided for locating landmarks. After training, they can travel and cross the road confidently.

Get information

If you want any type of help related this service call on toll free no. 1800-592-6004.

Services for Children

  • RSB has experienced staffs who work for 1-14 year old blind children and their family without money.
  • They provide counseling service for family in which some techniques are taught for reducing the impact of blindness.
  • Education is provided for parents at RSB. Parents encourage their blind children for being self-sufficient.
  • Advocacy is offered for visually impaired children by RSB.
  • Vocational program is available which will help of blind children in getting job.
  • Blind children can use the service at home.


Older blind services

This program works without discrimination for all. Free services are offered at your home if you have difficulty in reading newspaper or books, recognizing currency, setting the oven and writing. You can improve yourself and make easy life by getting help from Older Blind Services. Their new technique and method will assist for being self-sufficient in:

  • Operating computer
  • Recognizing currency
  • Dialing phone number
  • Reading books
  • Sewing
  • House maintenance
  • Telling time
  • Administering medications
  • Testing temperature
  • Traveling of everywhere
  • Participating in leisure activities

Low vision center provides temporary loan for appliances use. You can admittance in center and can get benefit from Older Blind Service if:

  • You are over 60
  • You are state’s citizen
  • You are unable to read books or newspaper.

Transition Services

  • RSB is a state organization which offered free occupational rehab transition services for blind children, adolescents and their families.
  • With the help of this service, they are connected with the world of work.
  • Individualized Education Plan will help to families in identifying their needs.
  • Blind adolescent can fulfill their needs with college preparatory program.
  • RSB provides more services after graduation, under transition services you will get more tuition support, computer education, life skill activities, and Braille.
  • They offer services at home also.
  • RSB staff fulfills the needs of blind children who are under 14, with the help of Children’s services.

If you are interested in this service please contact on toll free no. 1800-592-6004

Business Enterprise Program

Business Enterprise Program is administered by Rehabilitation Services for the blind which is under the direction of Missouri Department of Social Services. This is a non-profit program. BEP has been working for legally blind peoples since 1936 when President Franklin Roosevelt signed the law under Randolph-Sheppard Act. By this program, they want to help of visually impaired people in achieving success, therefore they induce them for self-employed business. Let’s see work of BEP below:

  • BEP is developing the business mostly in public or industrial area like municipal, federal building. They choose these sites because business can be developed as teahouse, café, vending area and more.
  • This program helps in designing and develops operational procedures.
  • Training session is provided by Business Enterprise Program so that blind people may get success in self-employed business.
  • License is given only trained graduates who can manage convenience store, teahouse, and full service café.
  • BEP monitors on all activities such as productivity, designing, and profitability. They use all new techniques and believe in investment for improvement in business.

Business Management

As you know, this program allows only legally blind people. For encouraging them, it helps in starting their own business by giving all appliances on interest free loan. But if you are qualified, you have to complete training session for getting license. After that, they give permission to apply for suitable business management.

Work of vendor

Blind vendor works whole day at site. They observe of vending food, machines and all items which are kept for selling. They will clean all machines and seating place. The manager preserves the relationship between supplier and customers for mutually benefit, therefore all services are provided on right price.

Services of convenience store

Manager is qualified for operating convenience store after getting license. Various items are sold such as snacks, books, newspapers, sandwiches, ice-cream, lottery tickets and more. For their help, vending machine is given to manager. Copy machine and STD services are included also. With the help of vending machine, route manager provides other services like beverages, ice-cream in diverse locations. But on site meal preparation service is not provided. Selling, purchasing, costing, stocking, publicizing all depends on manager. Manager prepares weekly report about business and employees.

Food service

In this service, snacks, sandwiches, chips, candies, cool drinks, burgers, cookies and more items are prepared. In addition, manager is responsible for the product, its pricing, selling, and storage. Full service cafeteria is operated by manager. All facilities depend on manager ranging from buying to selling.

Training session

Training is most important for applicants in getting license. Applicant will have to pass the NRA Food Sanitation Course. They assess candidates by interview and exam, thereafter accept for training session. Training session is distributed in three levels, first level provides the training for 16 weeks, second level requires for 18 weeks and third level will give the training for 25 weeks. Small training class fulfills individual’s needs carefully and makes them prosperous in all self-employed business. After graduation, applicant receives certificate and they become able for management. With the help of qualified manager, business will develop. Hence, candidate should try for admittance in training session and don’t miss the opportunity of management.

Please dial aforementioned toll free no. for getting help.

Prevention of Blindness

  • Prevention of Blindness Program is working for visually impaired people since 1915. With the help of recovery and early diagnoses prevent people from blindness, free public education service is provided for awareness also.
  • Financial help is offered for poor blind people. They assist in getting medication for eye treatment. Eligible blind people can get benefit in eye examination, surgeries, getting artificial eye and glasses and hospitalization.
  • Treatment services are given for macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma.
  • With the help of optometrists and ophthalmologists POB is working throughout the nation. 450 Missourians have taken the treatment service in 2005.
  • Their Senior Citizen Centers are working at health fair and offers free recovery for glaucoma. 78 glaucoma screening centers are opened throughout the nation. 140 blind people referred to glaucoma screening center for complete treatment. 5450 patients of glaucoma have been treated till now.
  • Prevention of Blindness provides 24/7 service for visually impaired people.
  • All age’s people can get benefit from this service.
  • Eye screening clinics are opened and they are working free of charge for blind people and for those who are not eligible in reading newspapers. 920 blind people have got benefit from eye screening clinics.
  • POB provides free education and informational materials for their families so that they may assist in making self-sufficient.

Service of BEST Program

This is part of Prevention of Blindness Program. Blindness Education Screening Treatment Program is a statewide program and working for eligible candidates who are not able to pay the cost of insurance.

If you are eligible according above services and want to get benefit from these services dial 1800-592-6004,


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