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Rehab Tip is a one stop destination for reliable and unbiased information relating to alcoholism, drug abuse and addiction treatment center options. According to the statistics, more than 2.5 million people have died due to alcohol use and around 15.3 million people globally suffer from drug use disorders. To understand the complex nature of addiction and addictive behaviour is a powerful way to prevent and treat drug and alcohol abuse. Contributing towards the effort to provide information and suggestions to those who struggle to find the correct information has motivated us to provide up to date information and research available. In the process of answering questions with solutions, this comprehensive database has changed the lives of many seeking freedom from addiction.

Rehab Tip was founded by Anoop Singh with two primary goals- raising awareness and providing information about substance abuse and educating individuals about the treatment programs.The reason to start the website is to empower the visitors to transform the feeling of helplessness and despair to confidence and optimism. Since we know how difficult it becomes to find information, we know the importance of finding right and proper information.

As an individual, I myself have experienced the same pains and problems that the loved ones of any drug addict would face. During my phase of addiction, there were so many questions that surrounded me which needed an answer. Moreover,it was difficult to find a suitable rehab center that provided tailor-made treatment according to my needs. The quest to find the appropriate rehab center ended when I met my partner Emma Felix. Emma Felix was part of a rehab program who herself came out of addiction and then was working in the same program. Other than experiencing social detachment, what astounded us was the absence of information about rehabilitation. All these hurdles prompted us to start Rehab Tip.

Even though we try to match with the services people need, the information provided on Rehab Tip is a supplement and can’t substitute advice from medical help. It is always suggested to consult your physician about your addiction or what your family member is facing to avoid danger. In case of a life threatening emergency, it is advisable to dial 911.

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