Most Luxury Drug Treatment Centers in 2017


It is usually believed that only millionaires go to luxury drug treatment centers for recovery. However, there are many people who are willing to spend extra on treatment and facilities. Therefore, the demand for luxury drug treatment centers in the United States is as much as for other centers.

Even though there are many luxury drug treatment centers in different places of America such as in Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Florida, but picturesque Malibu of Southern California has been placed first in providing best additional facilities throughout the States.

In addition, when searching for a luxury drug treatment center, people generally pay more attention to privacy, comfort, food and recreational activities. However, along with this, you should also focus on the treatment program which essentially helps you get rid of drug addiction. This is because only a few centers provide holistic approach along with individual and group therapy. Some centers even work towards addressing co-occurring mental and behavioral disorders along with the 12-step program.

Apart from all this, it is necessary to talk about the facility charges before enrolling in a luxury drug treatment center. The highest facility rehabilitation center charges from $ 30000 to $ 80,000 per month or for a long stay. This should not worry you as insurance coverage (Click here if you don’t have insurance for rehab) is also accepted in some luxury drug treatment centers. With extensive research done, we are here to help you look at America’s most luxury drug treatment centers.

Passages Malibu Luxury Drug Treatment Center

Passages Malibu was founded in 2001 by Chris and Pax in Southern California. When Pax was struggling with drug addiction, Chris faced a lot of difficulty in finding a luxury drug treatment center. In order to remove the stress during challenging times, they created a luxurious rehabilitation site on a space of 10 acres. This luxury drug treatment center is famous for its extensive and sophisticated programs all over the world.

Treatment and staff

Most treatment centers usually work with 12-step program and group therapy but Passages follows a non 12-step rehab process as they believe that group therapy is less effective than one-on-one therapy. In fact, most luxury drug treatment centers offer only one private session in a week whereas here multiple private sessions are available with one-on-one therapy every day. At Passages, one-on-one therapy actually means one therapist will take care of one client. The therapist will first find reasons for your addiction and then encourage your inner strength to fight this addiction. They also believe that addiction is not a disease since they have helped recover people with 10-year-old drug addiction easily with the help of nurses, therapists, psychologists, acupuncturists, counselors, and hypnotherapists.

The luxury drug treatment center assists clients with 17 different methods of recovery:

  • Massage
  • Yoga
  • Meditation session
  • Family therapy
  • Best acupuncture
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Adventure therapy
  • Art-based therapy
  • Chemical dependency
  • Fitness program
  • Morning prayer sessions
  • Tai-Chi
  • Medical detoxification
  • Inpatient program
  • Spiritual therapy
  • Blood analysis therapy
  • Psychotherapy

Accommodation and Food

This luxury drug treatment center is located in a splendid location which also includes swimming pools, mansion house, gym, and beautiful gardens. The client can use their cell phone and internet after ending all sessions of the day. In addition, a chef is appointed to serve delicious food to the client every day.


This luxury drug treatment center is the most expensive in the world as it provides high-class facilities. The cost of the private room for the monthly program is $80000 and $111,000 for a longer period of time with well-equipped private rooms. If you prefer shared room, the price is $ 55000 for a 30-day program. Health insurance is accepted by this luxury drug treatment center.

  • Its overall rating is 4.5 out of 5.
  • For more details, call on 888-920-8849.

Dunes East Hampton Luxury Drug Treatment Center

The Dunes East Hampton is one of the best luxurious drug treatment centers which is situated in New York City and founded by Joe McKinsey in 2007. A long time ago, Joe’s friend was finding a luxury drug treatment center for recovery from drug addiction. However, he was suggested to visit California for the same.The friend then expressed his concern to Joe of going through a lot of territories to which Joe McKinsey felt the need of a luxury drug treatment center in New York metropolitan area and thus the luxury drug treatment center came out.

Treatment and Staff

Firstly, staff members evaluate whether the facilities provided by them are completely beneficial to the clients or not. The ratio of staff to the client is 3:1. The benefit of this luxury drug treatment center is that there is no restriction; you can stay as long as you wish. However, it also offers 30-day program but inpatient program is also available for long. When it comes to treatment, they focus and work with all programs that are offered. Initially, detoxification is offered in the early stages of recovery. The holistic program is also planned to identify the underlying causes of every person’s addiction. Moreover, Harvard Medical School developed The Syndrome Model of Addiction and handed it over to this center which helps in identifying life-altering events.

This luxury drug treatment center also includes dual diagnosis, intensive outpatient program and the 12-step program for replacing the bad habit with positive solutions. Sober-living program is operated by the luxury drug treatment center that follows all options of sobriety.

And finally, with the help of a program called Aftercare, this luxury drug treatment center tries to protect individuals from the threat of relapse.

Accommodation and Food

Just as you enter this luxury drug treatment center, you can see the pool, tennis court and multiple Jacuzzis. Clients can count on this cool place as every type of facilities are available for recovery. Moreover, it is a well-furnished comfortable and spacious palace in which all rooms are private and have attached toilet. Many of those rooms have a fireplace and steam bath. All rooms and toilets are cleaned daily by housekeeping staff at this luxury drug treatment center.

When it comes to food, there is no restriction on it. Here, the staff gives special attention to healthy food. In fact, fresh seafood is made once a day. The chef also prepares prescribed dishes by dietician so that the food prescribed is delicious as well as healthy.

Although cell phones and internet usage are totally prohibited, if needed, you can talk to your family members.


The cost is between $ 45000 and $ 50000 per month and this luxury drug treatment center has the possibility of scholarships.

For more details, call on 877-818-5539.

AToN Luxury Drug Treatment Center

Located in San Diego, Southern California, the mountains views, beautiful gardens, and waterfalls makes this center unique. This luxury drug treatment center allows only adults who are suffering from substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders, and that too only 12 people at a time. However, it offers a 30-days program but recommends a stay for 90 days.

Treatment and Staff

This luxury drug treatment center works on 3:1 ratio with the help of certified counselors, psychiatrists, and psychotherapists. It offers various types of treatment options in a very effective way which also includes evidence-based therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and eye movement desensitization. Even though the 12-step program is provided essentially to sustain recovery, choosing SMART Recovery is also a good option for the client.

This luxury drug treatment center focuses on not just individual and group therapy, rather family therapy too. However, holistic treatment approach is considered to be an integral part of the recovery and mainly involves hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, yoga, acupuncture, and massages.     

In addition, the Aton luxury drug treatment center recommends to maintain motivation, overcome cravings, manage your emotions and balance the life with sobriety.

Accommodation and Food

Special arrangements are set for the 12 staying residents as they choose, whether they prefer single or shared rooms. This luxury drug treatment center offers various options such as gym, volleyball, and football. The client also has the liberty to use cell phone and internet. Moreover, a full-time chef prepares healthy and delicious food according to the client’s choice.


The cost of the center is fixed at $ 1500 per day and $ 45000 for a month. The only qualified client can get financial assistance from this luxury drug treatment center.

For more details, call on 866-241-0488.

Promises Malibu Luxury Drug Treatment Center

Promises Malibu is one of the most luxurious drug treatment centers in Southern California which is surrounded by hills. This luxury drug treatment center has been designed only for celebrities, government officials, and business executives. Only 6 people are treated at a time so that clients have full advantage of all the facilities provided by the center. The center has been providing highly personalized treatment for 30 years due to which people tend towards positive changes.

Treatment and Staff

Firstly, after knowing the nature of the client’s addiction, the treatment which is most appropriate for them is evaluated. In order to achieve recovery, personalized therapy, group, and family therapy are often used. The therapies also include brain therapy, fitness program, acupuncture, art-based therapy and equine therapy as their integral parts.

The 12-step meeting is available on site. Moreover, this luxury drug treatment center tries to keep the client’s busy in various programs so that the craving does not dominate them and weekends are for family meeting and social activities.

When it comes to staff, a fully certified staff is available 24/7 at this luxury drug treatment center. Even though a physician is not available, therapists, hypnotist, doctors, nurses, and counselors take care of each client almost all the time.

Accommodation and Food

This luxury drug treatment center looks like a five-star hotel which offers private villas to clients, at an additional cost. The client can enjoy heated swimming pools, sandy volleyball court, and a tennis court. A professional chef is appointed to prepare your favorite and nutritious food every day.


  • Promises Malibu luxury drug treatment center’s monthly fee is $55000.
  • Health insurance is accepted here.
  • For more details, call on 310-695-1708.

Caron Pennsylvania Luxury Drug Treatment Center

This luxury drug treatment center is also known as non-profit facility situated in Wernersville. The point to be noted is that the center provides treatment programs to all kinds of people between 25 and 65 years of age. Although the 12-step recovery model is majorly followed, you are instantly informed if the outpatient treatment program is not available at this luxury drug treatment center. The facility program works on client’s mind, body and soul individually and also include some conventional recovery methods for offering sober life.

Treatment and Staff

Only certified doctors, nurses, physicians, therapists, counselors have been appointed in this luxury drug treatment center. This team makes comprehensive residential assessments in the first five days of the client’s stay. The whole team works under a personalized treatment plan, the main purpose of which is to pay attention to every requirement of the clients’.

According to client’s needs, the detox process is started from the second week. In addition, all clients are accommodated separately on the basis of gender and age. However, anyone can participate together in programs such as meditation, yoga and recreational activities.

Neuro feedback therapy is held for two days in a week which helps in managing moods and cravings. This luxury drug treatment center offers an educational program at weekends which is helpful in relapse prevention information.

Accommodation and Food

This luxury drug treatment center is beautifully constructed in the lap of nature. At least 225 clients are treated here at a time. This center gives an experience of college campus by indoor and outdoor activities. The luxury drug treatment center includes a gym, chapel, yoga, music therapy, art-based therapy, massage and meditation therapy to overcome the cravings. Moreover, all type of foods is offered and prepared by a professional chef. The luxury drug treatment center provides well-furnished rooms, where you can choose a single or shared room but on gender-specific manner.   


The charges for this luxury drug treatment center is $32000 for 28 days and $52000 for 90 days. In fact, they accept scholarships and insurance facility is also available here.

For more details, call on 800-854-6023.

Betty Ford Luxury Drug Treatment Center

Betty Ford Luxury Drug Treatment Center has been working for 30 years for celebrities in Rancho Mirage. It offers facilities of a non-profit treatment program with the spectacular environment throughout the nation. The luxury drug treatment center has 16 branches that are working in different places of United States. Only 15 adult residents are accommodated in this center; although it is spread over 20 acres. It provides prevention and treatment solution for those adults who are suffering from substance abuse as well as co-occurring mental health disorders.

Treatment and Staff

This luxury drug treatment center provides world class recovery program for adults. It is famous for its 12-step model as well as evidence-based therapy. It also offers DBT, CBT and motivational interview at the end of the day.

Residential pain management, short-term courses are available for adults aged between 18 to 25. If you want a sober living, this luxury drug treatment center recommends choosing their 90-days program. Customers can also avail the aftercare facility along with the outpatient program. The aftercare meeting is organized once in a week. The luxury drug treatment center also helps clients through social network and apps and online treatment coaching.

For your help, four physicians, three psychotherapists, two nurses and one certified spiritual care counselor are available for 24/7.

Accommodation and Food 

This luxury drug treatment center has a desert view at Rancho Mirage. The client can enjoy a  swimming pool, lake, cycling and a gym. Shared rooms can be chosen on the basis of a gender-specific plan. Moreover, the professional chef prepares all the food under the supervision of the dietician.


This luxury drug treatment center also accepts insurance for covering the cost of recovery. It charges $33,000 per month.

For more details, call on 877-767-3301.

Reflections Luxury Drug Treatment Center

This center is famous for its scenic views in Marin County. Only business executives and celebrities who are coping with drug addiction and co-occurring disorders usually enroll here. The luxury drug treatment center is limited to treatment to only 6 residents at a time. Clients can avail this executive rehab by using personalized treatment program which is this center’s specialization.

Treatment and Staff

This luxury drug treatment center is capable of meeting every customer’s needs along with a variety of treatments. Clients can involve in individual counseling four times a week. The detoxification process is started in the first five or seven days according to the situation of the customer.

In addition to this, this luxury drug treatment center offers 3:1 treatment option for 30, 60 and even 90-days. The two-day family program is organized every month.  They believe that people cannot quit this bad addiction unless they are involved in every session of the Reflections luxury drug treatment center. It includes didactic educational group, CBT, DBT, relapse prevention, stress management, anger management and evidence-based therapy as well as intensive outpatient treatment program.

Only the certified staff works at this luxury drug treatment center.

Accommodation and Food

This luxury drug treatment center attracts customers for extra comfort and natural beauty. There is no cap or limit in using a cell phone and laptop. You can enjoy every outstanding amenity from stay to food. All bedrooms are private and have attached toilet. It also provides a private chef for preparing food. In addition, swimming pool, hot tub, gym, game rooms are also available on site.


Its current cost has been fixed at $55000 for 30-days and $2500 per day. Insurance is accepted, though you have to verify your insurance before admission.

For more details, call on 877-358-4537.


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