Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment Full Guide


It is very unfortunate that the abuse of the prescription drug has become very common. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), in the United States, About 52 million people over the age of 12 have used the prescription drug without medical reasons. Can say in other words that they use it to meet recreational purposes. That’s why I feel the need to write this article on prescription drug addiction treatment.

Prescription plays an important role in the addiction because those who suffer from medical problems, the option of pill or shot is considered to be the best option to overcome their problems. Some of them may use drugs properly for some time but the sense of experimentation promotes prescription drug abuse in people. However, they do not need it they still use it by stealing or purchasing and after some time, their experimentation turns into abuse. They become addicted to it gradually.

The use of prescription medications by a person is given the name of addiction when his brain cannot function without medications. The damaged brain demands the drugs and if it is resisted by the addict, he finds himself helpless. In such a case the addict needs prescription drug addiction treatment. The first and truly meaningful remedy in prescription drug addiction treatment is that the day 1 without prescription drug. In fact, prescription drug addiction treatment contains many positive things that help the addict. But for this, you have to keep an open mind if you want to make detox a success.  

Get Real About Prescription Drug Addiction

Before knowing about prescription drug addiction treatment, it is important to know about prescription drug addiction as some people say that it is very difficult for them to distinguish between prescription drug use and abuse. Apart from this, some people who abuse drugs, have a prescription for the drugs. In such a situation, family members find it difficult to know that the patient is using the medicine because of the doctor’s permission or addiction. Then the change in the behavior of the patient will help you to recognize this difference. The following changes may occur in their behavior:

  • Stealing drugs
  • Forging prescription
  • Having abnormal sleep
  • The patient looks energetic
  • Demanding medication
  • Going to different doctors so that new prescriptions can be obtained

Apart from all these, some physical symptoms are also found in addicts such as constipation, abdominal pain, and heart damage.

Addiction to prescription drugs can happen to anyone, it is not surprising. Therefore, it is very important to know and apply the prescription drug addiction treatment options. So, how can prescription drug addiction treatment be easier for you, see step by step?

Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment Plan

Take action as soon as possible when addiction is detected by the addict. Even do not delay it a little. There are various types of prescription drug addiction treatments that can be detected by you. In fact, prescription drug addiction treatment is started with medical detox. According to the NIDA, medical detox is used merely for managing physical symptoms which occur during the withdrawal of drug addiction. The doctors use medicine, therapy, or sometimes both to get people out of addiction. Consequently, the addicts get relief from withdrawal symptoms due to which prescription drug addiction treatment becomes easy. And after the completion of the detox process, you should go to the rehabilitation center for prescription drug addiction treatment.

Deal with physical health challenges

Challenges related to physical health plays an important role in developing an addiction. And in these challenges, mainly the pain has to face. Because of which they are victims of abuse. In fact, untreated pain works to push people into the ditch of addiction. If you want to quit the prescription drug addiction, the pain must be effectively eliminated. For this, you will have to be involved in creative work, in addition to prescription drug addiction treatment options. The following options come under creative work:

  • Yoga- If you are suffering from pain whether there is a chronic pain, you should practice yoga regularly to remove this pain. With the help of physical postures and breathing techniques, all kinds of pain can be relieved. As a result, you do not need to go to prescription drug and this is why this option is considered important in prescription drug addiction treatment.
  • Meditation- To get relief from pain, even if you use painkillers, the pain comes back. On the contrary, mindfulness meditation works as a painkiller but without any negative effect. Therefore, it is given a special place in prescription drug addiction treatment. There is relaxation technique in which it relaxes your body as well as your mind. Not only this, mindfulness meditation provides relief from anxiety, depression, stress, and even irritability. It enhances stamina also, so, meditation is included in prescription drug addiction treatment.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy- This therapy helps in understanding the underlying causes of the addict’s thoughts that insist on using drugs. During the prescription drug addiction treatment, the addicts should pay attention to ways to improve their life. The purpose of this therapy is to initiate internal change before the external change and it works to remove negative emotions from the addict’s mind. Therefore, this is considered very important in the prescription drug addiction treatment.
  • Meaningful hobby- It is very important to be involved in the treatment to quit the addiction. But this is not enough for you because it is also necessary to feel joyful feelings, in addition to the prescription drug addiction treatment. And this is the best way to keep yourself busy. In fact, these activities are definitely essential for making the prescription drug addiction treatment successful.
  • Support group- Addiction recovery is a long process. It is often found that the addict feels difficult to ask for help from peers. In such a situation, a support group can help you to find the prescription drug addiction treatment. People in the support group attend meetings and discuss their addiction or recovery that how they faced challenges in prescription drug addiction treatment. People learn a lot from this. During this time, they can also join the rehabilitation support group meetings and this can be an integral part of their lives because it includes hobbies and creative tasks such as exercise, meditation, and yoga programs. Through the support group, people find that there are many people who have solved the problem of addiction with the help of these options.  

In fact, all these steps do not only have importance in prescription drug addiction treatment but also contribute to reducing pain and to provide positive energy. So, by including in these,  there will be significant changes in your life.

Boost neurotransmitter in the brain naturally during prescription drug addiction treatment

When the prescription drug is used in excessive amounts, your brain releases dopamine in the same amounts which is much more than the natural reward system. Doing so leads to dangerous consequences. As a result, your brain will stop producing natural dopamine. In fact, attitude, mood, pleasure, sleep, and many such emotions are determined by the brain’s chemicals. And the level of chemicals in your brain decreases during the detox process, which can cause you to feel terrified. So, if you want to get out of this addiction, there are some tips in the prescription drug addiction treatment that can naturally promote neurotransmitter such as:

  1. Meditation
  2. Exercise
  3. Getting bright sunlight at least 20 minute

Counseling and 12-step programs

Narcotics Anonymous and 12-step program, both of these are the best choices for prescription drug addiction treatment. In fact, these are great platforms for community-based meetings for those who want to quit the addiction. The 12-step program is a prescribed procedure for prescription drug addiction treatment. Therefore, it is included as a special program in the mostly rehabilitation centers. The specialty of this prescription drug addiction treatment program is that it helps the addict especially to maintain abstinence which is very important for the recovery of any addicts. And even the addicts are recommended to take part in 12-step-based prescription drug addiction treatment or counseling by the most experts. Although, it is made available for both outpatient and inpatient programs. The following programs are included in the alternative form of 12-step based program that is considered an integral part of the prescription drug addiction treatment:

  1. CBT
  2. Motivational interview program
  3. Family therapy
  4. Group therapy

However prescription drug addiction treatment may seem expensive to you but in reality, it is much less than the cost of your addiction.

Holistic therapy in the prescription drug addiction treatment

Holistic therapy is the only therapy in the prescription drug addiction treatment that focuses on all area of the addicts such as body, mind, and soul. According to a study, it is necessary to treat the addict not only physically but also emotionally and spiritually because addiction affects the addict in every way equally. In fact, it is a natural therapy in prescription drug addiction treatment that helps all areas of the addict’s life because it includes many such activities that keep the addicts healthy and keeps busy as well in which mainly massage therapy, yoga, acupuncture, healthy eating, music, and art-therapy are included. And The main feature of these activities is that they can reduce the risk of relapse very effectively. As a result, prescription drug addiction treatment definitely succeeds.

Inpatient prescription drug addiction treatment program

If the addict chooses the inpatient prescription drug addiction treatment, he or she gets the benefit from all the facilities available there, by staying in the hospital or rehabilitation center. This is a suitable choice for those who can not live without using prescription drugs. Therefore, close supervision is necessary for them. During the inpatient prescription drug addiction treatment, professionals provide medical supervision for 24 hours. In fact, the main purpose of this program is to provide a healthy life to the addict as soon as possible. Therefore, such activities are included in prescription drug addiction treatment which is helpful in fixing the body, mind, and soul of the addict. Here are family and group meetings occur. In family meetings, family members assess the condition of addicts and encourage them and in group meetings, addicts share their recovery experiences. In addition to this, inpatient prescription drug addiction treatment program provides a learning program even after recovery, under which people are helped to lead a better life.

Outpatient prescription drug addiction treatment program

In this program, the addict lives at home instead of the rehabilitation center and receives prescription drug addiction treatment from the rehabilitation center. It depends on you whether you choose a daily, weekly, or monthly program. The main feature of this prescription drug addiction treatment program is that the addict can participate in addiction recovery and also personal business can do as well. However, in the outpatient treatment program, there is a little less facility than an inpatient program but under this the addicts receive the full support of the family and addicts pay less because the cost of rehab is not included in this program. That’s why the addict does not have any worries about cost and he or she can easily focus on the recovery.    

Personalized therapy and group therapy in prescription drug addiction treatment

During the prescription drug addiction treatment, when an addict is involved in personalized therapy, he or she is under the supervision of one medical professional which means that it works on the basis of the one-on-one and during the prescription drug addiction treatment, it can be part of both the program of the inpatient and the outpatient. It provides a confidential and secure care. The addicts recognize their feelings with the help of this therapy and it also enables them to fight the challenges of life.

On the other side, in the prescription drug addiction treatment group therapy is a process in which one group is addressed by one professional. People with common problems are involved in the prescription drug addiction treatment group therapy. In this, education is given to addicts related to their addiction and dietary and it inspires to establish good relations with each other.

Apart from these, there are also some home remedies that help you make a successful prescription drug addiction treatment such as:

  1. Eat healthy and nutritious food can be helpful in prescription drug addiction treatment
  2. Bath for a long time
  3. Exercise regularly is also a good option for prescription drug addiction treatment
  4. Massage every day
  5. Getting more sleep is also helpful in prescription drug addiction treatment
  6. Motivate yourself.

Thus, if you want prescription drug addiction treatment, there are so many options available that can help an addict in quitting prescription drug addiction and improving their life but for this, only your will and strong intentions are needed. Then see, how do you get a new life.


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